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Creating more revenue streams

Creating more revenue streams

How have you been?

We wanted to share a recent magic story posted by Nila in the social media:
Today, I was looking for a free lightlogue we published in public and ended up in the lightlogue page after almost an year. While browsing through the page, I found that the lightlogue for letting go of lack was published there (1 year back) which is now part of the Lightness Unlimited for a price. Well, it is surely a mix up we were not aware of and so I decided to do a new lightlogue for creating new revenue streams for the Lightness Unlimited package.

See how magically I found this which would otherwise have never been noticed by anyone! This gave birth to the new lightlogue which is going to break through glass ceilings for many! Well, while I apologize for the inconvenience, I can’t help wondering about the willingness and demand you all have to expand your financial reality which brought this new lightlogue into existence (It looks gorgeous by the way).

Then, today she posted an update too:
Did you ready about the synchronicity about the new lightlogue ‘Creating  new revenue streams’? I kept it on my table after sending it to the purchasers of Lightness Unlimited. Guess what yesterday someone asked if she could be a reseller of lightlogues – the possibility I never thought about. That’s what lightlogues can do!

Karen also shared her experience with the same lightlogue:
I got the energy of this before printing it out and yesterday someone I did not know called and booked me to speak in early December.   This is a first for me!!!

If you like to receive this, read on!

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 Happy Bodies, Happy Beings

What is a happy body for you? Would it have aches and pains? Diseases? Disorders?

Does it move freely? Is it flexible? Can you experience greater levels of wellness instead of degeneration? Can you begin to experience more joy by the day?

Reset the happiness levels of your body and your life with Joyous Body Protocol (JBP).

Certification is included too!

Practitioners have used it on their and clients’ bodies to heal infections, post – surgery and post- partum recovery, say good bye to aches and pains, and to enhance their well – being in general.

It is an invaluable addition to your regular wellness routine.

We invite you to Join Suguna tomorrow to learn this wonderful protocol.

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH Team