Diamond grid of prosperity

Diamond grid of prosperity

A few weeks back, I had written my experience with light grid installation by the Source of Light and Council of Light. Well, I experienced something new which was jaw-droppingly awesome. So excited to share this story with you all.

Shreya had received prosperity attunement a few weeks back and it changed so much for her. She opted to receive it again and I gave it to her today. While doing that, I saw a stunning vision of prosperity and a new kind of energy grid being installed for Shreya. The name given for this was ‘Diamond grid of prosperity‘.

I was in total awe of that beautiful energy and with overwhelming gratitude for Shreya for helping me bringing this through, I gifted her embodiment of kindness attunement. This girl was so open to receive today and so she also received golden spiral energy along with it. I am so excited to see how her life shifts after this whole experience.

I shared this message in Whatsapp group and offered to install this diamond grid of prosperity for a small fee to get more feedback from 5 people. The group coerced me into doing it for 11 people (and there is a waiting list) Their willingness to receive and expand is taking this prosperity grid to the next level. None of them asked me what the benefits are and how this works etc… they just jumped up and said ‘let’s go and create a new reality‘ This willingness is the key to embracing the abundance which is already here. The awareness and willingness of the light key practitioners inspire me so much. They all make the limitations disappear like magicians. They take a few days to shift mountains that took years for me! Oh, man… I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them. It’s like I finally found my clan!

The prosperity attunement is so potent that every time I do this for someone, they help me bring more information for expansion. This is the first time someone has opted to receive the same attunement twice and that definitely made a huge difference in our group’s receiving. Shreya is acknowledged with immense gratitude for this choice.

If you are wondering what these attunements are, you can get more details from the following links:



I will extend the diamond grid installation after receiving some more feedback from the small group of 11.

Ready for your magic?

I just cannot believe that light keys are practised in more than 25 countries within 3 months and I have downloaded 10 courses in this period… just a wow for me! The light key journey is truly magical. See this feedback from a practitioner:

I feel like I’m traveling at the speed of light. That’s how life is to me now. I’m changing and becoming more aware and more conscious.
The Light Keys are magical.”

If you like to claim your magic, please join in – you can either choose quick-release protocols or a journey into mastery or even both:


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What more magic can we all create together?

In appreciation of you,