*** Divine Transmission and a complimentary call ***

*** Divine Transmission and a complimentary call ***

First half of 2022 has been intense for many people though it is a journey towards a frequency upgrade. To make this transformation more graceful, Nila brought forth the divine energy for whoever is willing to receive. Video link is at the end.

Release Fear, Anxiety and Depression Permanently and Completely!

Register now for this amazing call with Nila to join LIVE for FREE! Receive as Nila uses her laser sharp awareness to get to the heart of these emotions and intensities that keep us from receiving and experiencing a joyous life.


You receive another gift when you register – a 6$ coupon that can be used to purchase The Light Key Protocol for Healing Abuse and Trauma, or Releasing Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm with the Advanced Light Matrix Command.

“Awesome session Nila,I have always been doing EFT but I love your way of framing the sentences…”

“I felt my money bar running.sensing energy running, Thank you”

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Expand your spiritual journey in an easy peasy way.

Celebrate this August with LIVE transmissions from Nila.

Mother Akasha Transmission

Embrace your infinity with this transmission from Mother Akasha to dissolve densities with ease. Experience the true lightness of your being.

Lord Ganesha Transmission

Ganesha is the Hindu god who is worshipped at the beginning of any undertaking, before any god. He is known as the ‘Vighnaharta’ or the remover of al obstacles. He dissolves all obstacles and enables you to move forward on your chosen path with ease.

Guardian Angel Transmission

Receive Insights, inspiration and guidance from your guardian angels. Open up to receive their love and wisdom to shift your life.

Sirian Elders Transmission

The Sirian elders are evolved beings from an evolved race on Planet Sirius. This planet is associated with spiritual ascension. The Elders are keen to contribute to us by collapsing timelines and time components that hold us back from ascending spiritually.

If you have been holding on to memories of past, resentment, and trauma and have been unable to let them go despite your efforts, then could this be a contribution to you and your body?

Sign up for any one transmission for 33$ or all 4 at 93$ (save 39$) – Offer ends on 5th Aug.


“Transmissions so very amazing, totally unbelievable! In Navratras I bought Shakti, Mahalaxami and Saraswati transmission. When I ran Shakti transmission I literally felt Shiva and Shakti in me! My right half was Ma Shakti and left half was lord Shiva! I was in aaawww for soooo loooong did it really happen! Then second time I was like let me do it again with all the directions – I felt Ma Durga! Again left in ooomg! Now I just simply listen it, love it and enjoy it. In deep deep deep gratitude to you Nila “

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“whenever I enroll for Nila’s classes and can’t attend but I do make an intention of receiving it and believe me I feel the energies and the clearings as if my soul is already attending it. Really waiting for the recording to be uploaded so I can physically listen to it.????”

Interested in channeling Angels and Masters?

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Divine Transmission for transformation


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