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Do you have a control device installed in you?

Do you have a control device installed in you?

How are you? Have you been using the tools I share with you through videos and this news letter?

Regardless, I will keep sending – even if one person creates more lightness, the universe becomes brighter a bit. Here is another video for you – going beyond, rejection, hurt and heart break:

The control device in my head

I used to hear electronic sounds in my head a few years back – really. I was so scared for a bit but after one session of clearing the implants all that went away.

I can’t tell you what it was and how the implant got into my head. But I can definitely tell you that when they are released you will experience a new kind of liberation. If you are wondering what implants and control devices are? They are, foreign energetic elements that are embedded in our body in order to control you.

Bodies may be manipulated with these foreign elements. Besides, you may also have inherited chemical blue prints of your bodies from your ancestors that could control body chemistry/ shape/ size/ colour etc. What if you can clear all these and choose to create a body we desire?

I have downloaded a divine command to release foreign elements including programs, devices, implants and attachments from the body so that we have more freedom with our body.

I will be running this in the 2nd call of the weight loss series. The interesting thing about this series is that everything we do here is not just to lose weight. It is to create massive possibilities in all the areas of our lives. See what a participant wrote about the first call:

“If you are in perfect shape and u don’t need to loose weight you should join to see what else can u change about your body and being”

You can also save money by ‌signing up for the series:

Free support

As a gratitude gift to all of you, I offer a free 1 hour group coaching/ healing call every month. Please feel free to join and share:

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,