Do you miss Prosperity, vitality and the joy of your body?

Do you miss Prosperity, vitality and the joy of your body?

What if you were hunting for the greatest of life’s treasures and you realize that it was you all along! 😉 Watch this unique treasure hunt by Tamanna and Nila. You will unearth Light Key System’s treasures too. Watch these little magicians play with joy! Video is given at the end.

Are you looking for some missing element in life?
Do you wish to vibe up your life?

Do you wish to enjoy prosperity in all areas of life? More energy and vitality for your body, life, business, career, etc? How about inviting kindness into your life and spilling it over to all around you?

Or maybe, you have been stuck in an area of our life for way too long. You might have tried hard but the stubborn issues refuse to go away!!

What if you had magic wands you could wave to move through your difficulties and invite kindness and abundance in life?

Sign up for the Light Key Frequencies – Transformational Processes for Body, Life and Beyond by Facilitator Suguna Sathish to learn the frequencies given below:

Golden Earth: This process helps you build a fulfilling, joyful and abundant life here on earth.
Universal Kindness: This process helps you create peace, harmony, and possibilities.
Rainbow Ray: This process helps you clear and cancel limiting beliefs, energy blocks and old contracts.

Whether you have just started or an experienced energy healer, these frequencies will transform your energy healing practice and your life with great ease.

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What if sex created the world?!
Sex creates life on Planet Earth. Sex as an act is the possibility of creation. But what if sex was beyond just a physical act?

Sex has so many gifts to give you. Pleasure, creation, pure energy, but we are conditioned to judge sex such that it blocks our receiving of it.

If you have been resisting, avoiding or struggling with sex, then hop on to Sex and Possibilities.

Uncover your resistances to receiving this gift from your body and create by harnessing this energy.

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Here is a share:
“Would love to acknowledge what I received from last week’s magic circle class on sex and receiving pleasure. Well though I thought I have done dozens of classes on this topic earlier from different modality, even light key Advanced intimacy class I was avoiding something to get on this and that was receiving pleasure from anything that I do. Nila went firing rapid bullets in this class and each word was like omg. Next day I felt like singing after a year. Recorded a song in starmaker app which is my ever favorite super romantic and sensuous song..I totally loved singing and way I did each word differently was super creative for me. Thank you Nila again”

Level Up Your JBP!
JBP has rocked the world! It has levelled up a notch.

JBP 2 Live Class is happening on the 24th! The story of this class is interesting. While the team just posted about JBP Level 2 recorded training, a practitioner said she was interested in a live class. So did a few more and this class took shape. That’s the magic of creation – check the links below to know more.

Sign up for the Level 2 JBP here:

Here is a share:
“Lots of release during this process, Happy hormones released with this process, Feeling Joyous. thank you”

Check out the creation call series for learning to create effortlessly. There are any magical stories where consciousness created without ‘hard work’ but actions were guided with lightness and joy.

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