Do you need protection?

Do you need protection?

How have you been?

Have you ever wondered if you need protection – from the ‘negative energies’ of the world, especially if you are a healer? What if there is a different possibility? Click below to enjoy and receive from an eye-opening facilitation.

Would you like to explore more on this line? You would enjoy Conscious and Prosperous healer course. This course is under 12% discount until 18th October 2020.

People who have attended it shared the messages below:

“Thank you so much Nila. Lots of eye-opening questions were asked and lots of myths were busted in this intense class. I can feel the barriers go down. Deep gratitude!”

“I have been facilitating for many years and this class gave me many insights and deep awareness”

“And that’s a really eye opener, I m listening to it for d 3rd time and every time u have new things to ur awareness..”

Some of the gems this class covers include:

• Busting the myths about healing and healers
• Are you healing your clients or seeking healing from your clients?
• The difference between conscious healing and unconscious healing
• How to be a catalyst for your client NOT a candle
• Acknowledging your willingness to be prosperous
• Taking responsibility and making conscious choices for your prosperity

Star Glow facial – Today !!

Are you ready to get pampered? A facial from the light elements – no chemical… no external touch… just some magical light key processes from the grand old universe! You can choose to repeat and claim a discount.

Lightlogues- October

Have you started experiencing light-logues? The experience is different and unique to each one. Amazed to hear how light-logues contribute to one’s awareness about self and also for people who we ask for. A practitioner shared:

“Yesterday my awareness guided me to use lightlogues and this helped to unveil certain mystery which was not revealed even using GAF. There was a virus hiding out in my brain cells and it was due to some ancestral beliefs and curses that I had attracted it. I resolved those beliefs and the curses were released too and my headache is completely gone today.”

You may wish to start your journey with light logues:


List of Upcoming Classes:

Advanced Light Medicine Level 2 (certified)

Advanced Light Key Protocol for Space Clearing – Certified

Level 1 Light Medicine Practitioner – Certified Course

Going beyond the greatest of addictions (Part 2)(Choosing your infiniteness beyond definitions)


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