Do you want to change your luck?

Do you want to change your luck?

How are you?

Have you been enjoying the videos? Here is the next one many of you have been asking for – Light key blessing for winning the lottery.

Even though it is a popular name, it is really for changing the probability to your advantage. So, feel free to use it on anything!

How I changed my luck

While growing up my mom strongly believed that I was unlucky and did not receive whatever I deserved. I held on it strongly for many years but then I chose to become lucky 🙂

I worked on my belief and expanded my horizons to attract magic every day! Now, if I make a payment to someone, their business grows hugely, when I walk in, an empty shop starts buzzing with business, I get free stuff and upgrades very frequently (even in the lockdown period). People now tell me that I am very lucky! Yes, I am!

I am now going to teach you how to turn your luck around in the 3-step Prosperity Activation Program coming up in a few weeks.

1. Activate your desire: We’ll go deep within your being and find what you actually desire not what is expected of you. Yes, the first step is asking the universe with clarity. You may very well be surprised what you find when you let go of the masks.

2. Identify and release blocks: When you have hold on to limiting beliefs and memories about prosperity subconsciously, you self sabotage yourself from embracing prosperity. In this step, we’ll dive deep and not only find these blocks but release them once for all using the awesome light key processes. You might even feel lighter physically.

3. Energize the seeds of desire to physicalize: In this step we’ll use various elements of the universe to energize the desire to quickly actualize in the physical reality.

Please feel free to join, if this series calls you:

Gorgeous you

The first call of Gorgeous you weight loss series rocked the participant’s world.

See what some people say about the first call:

If you are a facilitator… you should be on this call.

 If you are asking for something greater… you should be on this call

 If you wish to have your world split wide open…you should be on this call.

 If you… (whatever) You should be on this call.

 I am happy and grateful  that I chose it.

 You can still join in..”

“So we had Awsome class call 1 resistance buster, we had different group energy than any other The Nila CLASS I am being one of those who are consistently following Nila’s work from Dec 19 mumbai class and group coaching classes in earlier months have been my favorites as they flow multiple ways many tools techniques like Pav bhaji lot of ingredients contributing to tasty outcome however this call was way beyond all that, lot of new energies, techniques, one can apply to anything not just relevant to weight loss. you can still join the full series if you are brave to see the truth, today when I was writing my answers I was like do I have so much to release even after so many years work I have done on myself and guess what I actually did release except 0.5 portion So who all want to join this adventure?”

“If you are in perfect shape and u don’t need to loose weight you should join to see what else can u change about your body and being”

“My intensity was 10 and it came down to 0 . It was too intense for me , am feeling much lighter than ever felt in last 12yrs. Thank you so much Nila di”

In the second call we’ll be removing the programs and attachments that prevent you from having the body you desire. You will feel much different when we remove the auto-control programs.  You can attend this call alone or purchase the whole series:

Free support

Group coaching call:

Did you know that you can download ’50 questions to change anything magically’ ebook by referring us to 5 of your friends? Please click here to refer and download it.

What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,