Do you want to heal your loved ones?

Do you want to heal your loved ones?

One question many people ask is how to change the life/limitation of their loved ones & whether using the healing techniques they can change the behaviour of their loved ones – most of the time it is about their children.

I understand that it is almost compulsive for parents to step in when their children seem to struggle. However, the best thing you can do is to be in allowance of what they are choosing – no matter what they are choosing.

Create relationships that open the doors to something greater

Every being is on their own journey and everyone has a free will. How much ever you try to control their lives, they will create it according to their free will – no matter how tiny they look in this life time. So, all your effort to control their life is just futile. What could contribute them in a big way is to see them as infinite beings instead of victims of life. This will be the best contribution you can offer them because in your allowance they will start seeing new possibilities.

If this is too difficult to comprehend or practice, I recommend you to ask yourself which one is empowering – when someone sees you as a victim or an infinite being?

However, you can always equip yourself to contribute to them whatever they are willing to receive from you. More tools you have in hand, more possibilities you can create and offer to your loved ones. The more clarity and awareness you have, the more you know what/when/how to contribute to your loved ones.

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Some of the amazing testimonials:

“Those who see this post n everyone in this world should not miss this. Nila is magic has bought miracles in our life. You are an embodiment of kindness Nila”

“Just this morning I realized how many asks – that have just been mentioned in the side by me and my daughter – have been actualized beautifully and with so much ease – since I have started connecting with keys # how does it get any better than that 🤗”

“JBP is transformational.. when I did JbP for 15+ days in a row I literally shed the extra fat on my face and body, lost approx 10 kgs.. then I stopped 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ and I gained back 😂 and now I’m in process of shedding it again… without exercise 🤩”

“Frequencies have been tremendously contributing to me. I have been using the ukf and gef as directed by Nila during meetings and have been getting discounts where people have been known not to budge. Also, using the ukf and gaf enabled people to reveal themselves truly. The one’s trying to fleece us exposed themselves and we took good decisions and ones who were genuine and kind helped us”

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