Does your life matter?!

Does your life matter?!

How have you been?
Does your life matter? A seemingly ‘charged’ question, which also leads you to assess how much are you committed to your life. If you are one of those who is proud to have sacrificed your life for your family, you might want to watch this video. You might choose a different possibility!

Vortex of light meditation – Free!

It’s today! Have you registered?
Invite you to join this powerful meditation, led by Nila, guided by Goddess Isis and Arch Angel metatron.
Nila’s awareness is that Vortex of Light is bringing in huge amount of light and lightness into the planet.Would you like to join the grid? You can still get attuned and join the meditation.
To receive attunements from Nila:
Facilitators who can give attunements:

Healing the invisible wounds – with Vortex of light

“Quite the mind and the soul will speak” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
Feeling stuck with life no matter what you do? May be, it is a manifestation of some deep wounds carried from the significant lives you have had in the past or from the womb of this life time. Would you like to gift yourself this guided meditation where you can heal these deep invisible wounds with Vortex of Light.

Level 1 Light Medicine Practitioner – Certified Course

Enjoying Light Medicine Reset protocol and ready for more?
Join Nila live to learn Detox Protocol for detoxing individual organs – removing pathogens, toxins and any other foreign element using Light Key Frequencies, processes and commands.
Couple of the many testimonials from Level 1 practitioners:
“After the Detox protocol, I’ve had lots of detox happening in my body. Today I weighed myself. Just in 6 days I have lost one kg body weight. I must tell you that I don’t do any dieting, nor any exercise ( which I’m not judging) . I eat everything. What more magic is going to show up? ”
“Thank you Nila for yesterday’s class. the process was life changing, experienced lot of shift.”


List of Upcoming Classes:

Training for Facilitators of Joyous Body Protocol
Training for Facilitators of Light Key Basic Blueprint Course
Level 1 Light Medicine Practitioner Certified Course
Joyous Body – Free group call
Going beyond the greatest of addictions (Part 2)-(Choosing your infiniteness beyond definitions)
Advanced Light Key Blue Print Course (Certified)


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