Dolphins responded to me – really :—)

Dolphins responded to me – really :—)

I have been cruising around east coast of Australia for the past 5 days looking at the beautiful islands and sailing over the bumpy waters. Two days back I told my hubby that I wanted to see dolphins in the wild. He did not think that dolphins inhabit this part of the sea. (I must admit he is right 99% of the time)

But I insisted, “Does not matter. I just want to see them” and then I called out, “Dear sweet dolphins, you know I love you so much. What does it take for you to show up?” My hubby thought I was crazy. But I kept asking what does it take for dolphins to show up.

Today, while we were lazying in a calm bay, I saw something swimming and then I saw the fins! In total disbelief I whispered to my hubby, “I think I see some fins”. He looked and said, “Yes, it is a dolphin! No…no… dolphins… there are at least 3!”

“Wooo hoooo….. ” was my response. I was jumping up and down like a dolphin… (don’t worry, the boat is intact). It was such a treat and they surely lifted my spirits through the roof! I am eternally grateful for those sweet dolphins that heard my request and showed up… 🙂

What an interesting story for my bars class to illustrate the power of being in the question! What does it take for more such experiences to show up? I have many such cute little experiences to share in my class…

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