Don’t open if you are in love with fat

Don’t open if you are in love with fat

What is your life purpose? Have you found your true calling?
This is a question most of us struggle with many times. We wander about looking for answers, and go about living halved lives. But what if there is no fixed life purpose? Curious? Watch Nila facilitate in her effortlessly brilliant way. This could be a game changer for you as well! Link is at the end.

Can your body be vibrant and young?
Does your body degenerate with age? Can your body always carry the vibrancy it had when it was young or is it inevitable for it to lose function?
What if an ageless, light, ‘full of life’ body was just a simple choice away?

‘Vibrant Ageless Body’ is an offering of 3 wonderful calls

  • Energy Transmission from Arcturian Medical Council for Vibrant Health – receive the energies of vibrancy in health and life to resonate with it.
  • EFT Workshop For Ageless Body – A simple technique that involves tapping on meridians on the body can clear out all beliefs and resistances you have to have an ageless body
  • Melting Fat With Love and Kindess – Lose all that no longer serves the body. Shed that fat and toxicity with ease.

Buy now for just 66$ (otherwise 111$). Offer ends on 11th Oct.

“Awesome session Nila,I have always been doing EFT but I love your way of framing the sentences…” “After yesterday’s session my WAIST became REMARKABLY slim. Thanks you Nila”

“Layers and layers of excess fat have melted away. Amazing experience, releasing resentment towards my body, myself and relationships that stopped contributing to my life long ago, that I insisted on hanging on to.”

What does your body invite – Joy or struggle?
Achieve the joy and effortlessness with your body that you had when you were a baby. Have you noticed that a baby has no disconnect or struggle with its body? It is simply being with the body and and soaking in life.
Shed all limiting beliefs about body and healing.
Learn a simple protocol using light keys and frequencies that you can run on yourself or clients – it takes about 20 minutes a day.
Move your body in a state of greater well – being, health and immunity.

Join Facilitator Tamanna Goplani to learn the Joyous Body Protocol – a 3 hour certified class to learn a healing modality you can use in person or for distance healing.

“JBP is transformational.. when I did JbP for 15+ days in a row I literally shed the extra fat on my face and body, lost approx 10 kgs.. then I stopped ??‍♀️??‍♀️ and I gained back ? and now I’m in process of shedding it again… without exercise ?”

“Another feedback from spinal release and joy immersion process Initially I felt very powerful energies passing through my body and I think I have never felt such powerful energies before…. After a few minutes my body got used to them”

Choose freedom to create greater
For every relationship – be it between a parent and child, spouses or you and your business, food or money to flourish, what is a contribution is allowance. But we often function from a point of view that attachment is an indication of love. Imagine your relationship with your plants – you simply provide what is required and allow it to be, and it grows beautifully, so is the same with people. Drop all unhealthy attachments that stifle and hold people hostage, and make space for a beautiful relationship to flourish.

Join Facilitator Suguna Sathish for ‘Light Key Protocol for Clearing Unhealthy Realtionships’ to learn a quick, simple protocol using light keys and frequencies to make way for a new way of life possible for you.

Register today!

“It is a very beautiful course. Few days ago, I was tired and feeling heaviness. I ran the protocol and woke up better than before. It greatly helps me deal with reactions in case I end up eating something wrong owing to my food sensitivities.”

“This protocol has been a game changer – the relationship dynamics within my family and me changed for the better. And in my private sessions – Have seen how clients receive new awareness- they have been in awe of their own release.?”

What if dropping conflict allowed you to receive infinitely?
The Universe is set up to provide you all your heart’s desires. As you grew up, you learnt limitations along the way that told you that your life is limited and your learnt the ‘impossibilities’ of life. Is now the time to let go of these conflicts that you collected and begin to receive the grandiosity of life?

Join Nila for the twin class ‘Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution’ and ‘Receive Unlimited Abundance by Releasing Conflicts with Molecules’

Register today and save 18$.

“Guys, I have been listening to the conflict resolution protocol since 3 days. I keep getting zonked. I still play in background while I work. Whilst I was cleaning up my house I carried my phone around while it played. The TV which wasn’t working and the ac switch that wouldn’t start or even get replaced started functioning as if by magic! Things around also have their own consciousness. My takeaway!”

“Awesome class ,Ya … there so much ease and yet it went into deep corners to clear the darkness. One of the most amazing classes I have done. Thanks so much Nila ??”

N.B.: The free Live Session ‘Melting Fat With Love and Kindness’ and ‘Free Practise Session on Conflict Resolution Protocol’ have been postponed. New dates will be announced soon.

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