Ease and grace for performance anxiety!

Ease and grace for performance anxiety!

How are you doing?

Here is my journey with Light Keys.

Journeying with Light Keys (11-14 July)

1) Yesterday’s (July 14th) Joyous Body Healing session was attended by people all over the world. Some comments they had on the session:

“thank you everyone for this blissful feeling”
“feel light”
“that felt incredible so grateful”
“thank u.. very relaxing…”
“Thank you for this contribution, for this gift.”

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2) I love the way miracles show up! 90% of the time I won’t have all the information when I announce a class. The moment I start writing the manual, information just flows in. As I sat down to draw notes for the Ease with School series, I downloaded a beautiful protocol which when I ran on myself, made me feel very safe, cozy and comfy. I am so excited to teach this in the first call of the series on Sunday. Even if you are a veteran Light Key practitioner, you may want to join in!

3) Feedback received today: 
“My investor call today went well positively. Thankful to you for showing me light key practice and prosperity Attunement.”

4) Feedback on ‘Corona protocol’:
“My brother was positive for Covid-19.. on Saturday and wasn’t eating at all, losing weight rapidly.. He was quarantined at a centre near where he lived!! Sunday you gave us various processes.. I did it sunday and Monday and today…. I’m told my brother ate 3 full meals today and is sounding strong!!! They will retest him in a day or so because I’m insisting!!(they await for the period of 14 days otherwise) 
My heartfelt Gratitude esp my entire family’s to you Nila and all the Magic you bring forth!!! The Universe/Beings of Light are truly magnanimous… Ur Generosity is touching n received with utmost humility!!!! “

This was from a trial. Once we see the effectiveness with 2-3 more people, then I will perhaps roll it out to everyone as it seems like corona is being persistent.

5) While reviewing our site, we found that there are so many hidden gems in the shop at a throw away price . For e.g., ‘The Precious You’ 90 min call is at 29$!!!! This has definitely been one of the best calls I have done. Definitely revising this price. If you like to get it before that, hurry. 

Not just this, there are many products at discount price for more than 3 months. We have decided to end the discounts by end of this month and also raise the price for some products. Don’t want to sell the treasures short 🙂

6) Planning to convert Precious You and Gorgeous You calls into proper classes with manuals. Both of them help with self-esteem issues and perhaps, change lives all together.

7) I don’t have to market Light Key products… they are referred by the practitioners everywhere. See the message below:
“I am loving these protocols. My life has improved so much since I started to do these. I would love to share this with colleagues and friends, but sadly lots of people here don’t speak English. Would it be of interest to have these translated to Portuguese?”

8) In the FB live today I have asked some hard questions 🙂 If you are interested to discover your authenticity, you may like to watch it

9) Our remote healing work is being received really well. Here is a feedback from a mother of a young man who received our healing in absence:
“The difference between the 1st day 1st session and now has been like night and day. His mind is slowly getting cleared from the clutter for sure.”

10) Another lovely message:
“Compared to last year my blood tests results have improved overall and got better. Thanks to you and all the friends doing JBP swap, meditation Weip?”

11) The feedback on Light Medicine keep flowing… awesome results! See some of them:

“This is a very intense protocol; thank-you for teaching it and
imparting such precious knowledge”
“It was an amazing experience for me and for my client…& I have been
doing LKM level 1 on myself for the last 9days and every time I feel
something which is not required by my body is leaving…thank you Nila
for sharing this”

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