Ease Into a Higher Vibrational Reality

Ease Into a Higher Vibrational Reality

How have you been?

I am grateful to you all for your love and 5* rating for ‘Rocky Learns Magic’. It is a small step to create ease for them using the Light Key Tools. I have felt like an alien for so long – especially it was very difficult as a kid. I felt different, never able to feel at home anywhere including my own home and believed something was wrong with me. Today, thanks to all the healing work I have done, I have light key family in 98 countries. I am able to feel at home where ever I am. There is a sense of ease and flow in life. I would like you and your kids to have the same as well. I have put together a series of light key classes to create more ease for any one, yes anyone at any age.

Light Keys ‘Ease With School – Series’ is a 4 part class which will empower students, parents, educators or any one with many additional practices to deal with their day to day life challenges to ease the struggle with the system, or anyone who does feels stuck in life. These tools will help with:

* Ease with studies, exams and performance
* Dealing with conflicts and bullying
* Bringing joy into difficult tasks
* Loving themselves unconditionally

Dates – 15th June, 22nd June, 29th June & 6th July 2021

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Well, here comes the incredible offer! I wish for this wonderful contribution from the keys to expand to more people, as it is close to my heart. The children attend free when their parent registers for the class.
I personally invite you to join along with your kid and awaken the magician within you. Let’s empower our kids to create more light and lightness in and around their lives from their early ages.

You can also purchase the past classes in this series from the shop individually, if you choose:

Link to purchase past class recording – Whole Series

Link to purchase past class recordings – Individual

Medicine From the Source
I used to be very afraid of dogs until recently (even the tiniest ones). Now I have a wolf in spirit helping me in my healing work. His name is Jamie and he is very affectionate. In Advanced Light Medicine – Level 1, you’ll learn to work with plants and animal spirits to enhance your healing work. If you are an animal or plant lover, you will absolutely love this learning. If you are averse/ allergic like I used to be, you will have a good shift. If you are a repeater, it will be a great refresher. Looking forward to this highly energizing class.

Also, the class is created by the energy of the group. Your ask and willingness shapes it, and so it is a contribution to your being when you choose to be on the class. Gift your body and being, the beauty of Light Medicine.

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Raise Your Vibration
Ever wondered what is all this talk about raising your vibration? What can all this energy work create for you? Then watch this YouTube video Why to Raise Vibration. I have given out the secret of creating magic your life.

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Ease With School – Certified (SERIES)

Integrating the Fragmented Parts of You

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