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Ease the Mass Panic

Ease the Mass Panic

How have you been?

Has fear been limiting you in these COVID times?

Nila recently did a video where she walked the participants through a Waves of Kindness journey to gift and receive kindness. The waves of kindness created a universe of kindness that is available to anybody asking for it. Would you nurture you in this beautiful, peaceful, calming emotion?

An experience from a viewer

“I just used the video to send this waves in my neighborhood where people fight. Thanks Nila I usually have a magical experience everytime I watch them”.

The link is given at the end.

Waves of kindness is a light key frequency and it  has changed people’s experiences of their lives.

Check out Nila’s Free Udemy course Stress Relief with Relaxation Exercises here to experience more kindness and joy

Beyond limiting emotions – Beyond Blame, shame and guilt
What decisions do you take simply to avoid shame? What do you do or not do owing to buying in this emotion? How much power have you given up to blame? Is blame eating into your choice? Does guilt ride you? Do you make yourself small, beat yourself up?

Would you like to drop these?
Join Nila on this roller coaster workshop- Breaking the resonance to Blame, Shame and Guilt to get in charge of your life.

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She has generously gifted the call to all Joyous Body Protocol graduates to attend for free. If you are a graduate, you will get the zoom link on email 3 hours before the workshop. Graduates, also watch out for the 50 percent discount coupon to purchase the workshop. The offer expires after the call.
Joyous Body Protocol is one of the most celebrated protocols. It is notorious to create unbelievable, magical changes. Would you like to add lightness to your body?
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Free Light key blessings

Spread the love and light in your life and in the life of all your loved ones. In case you haven’t registered for the free light key blessings, you can register here for free 

The blessings are happening every Friday, all of May. Why would you miss them?

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Light Key Expert Healer Level 1 – Certified 

Creating the Universe you desire


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