Ease with body!

Ease with body!

How have you been?

Have you observed that some of us in our quest for spiritual transformation often overlook our bodies or vilify them  “What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries, and magic of life?” – Gary Douglas. Willing to explore this possibility?

We invite you to listen to this Access consciousness audio clearing.
How much do you judge your body? For what reason are you punishing yourself with your body? – these are couple of questions Nila asks in this audio clearing- to help bring things to your awareness and clear them. Link to the video at the end. Listen in and relax into the ease you experience.

How about diving deep into your body? Possible? Find out in the below class

De-constructing illness with Star matrix – is today

How many of you own your illness? How many of you have the martyr signature that makes you absorb illness from other people? Curious to know more – join us today!

An experiential class where you would be able to gain deep insights into the creation and existence of the illnesses! We invite to join us in this spiritual journey to unearth the root causes of illnesses.

If you are willing to be committed to living and being brutally honest with yourselves, this class could open up a magical door for your body, life, and living!  Choose to tap into the possibilities of deconstructing them with potent processes in the presence of powerful beings – Goddess Isis and Archangel Metatron, as Nila guides you through this magical experience

Pre-requisite is Basic Light Medicine or Conscious Body protocol two very potent classes! You can still purchases these courses and join us today!

Basic Light medicine course

If you have been part of the Light Medicine series, you would have experienced or witnessed the remarkable transformations it has been creating in many lives.

An amazing share from a Light Key facilitator

“The night before, we got news of a relative taking ill suddenly and being admitted in ICU. There was septecemia (hope I have the spelling right). This meant that the whole body had turned toxic. the daughter reached out to me to support with chanting and anything else that I could do. I offered to run the basic light medicine protocol. Situation was critical. I ran the protocol to cleanse the entire body and then do a reset. Next morning ( yesterday) I got the news that she was stable. I ran the protocol again late afternoon and I got further news late evening that her situation had now turned the corner and is in safe zone well on her way to recovery. I will continue with whatever her body requires. Amazing. … Meanwhile, I am also having this protocol plus all the other levels we have learnt,  run on my body. There is so much more ease in my body. With the chemo meds that I take as part of the maintenance program, the body gets into lots of aches and pains and loss of energy.  The LMS protocols has created so much ease. Big thank you to my friend who is running them for me.”

Are you willing to have this magical possibility in your life journey? Willing to add this magical process to your toolkit? Choose to experience light and lightness in every cell of your body.

February offers

Have you checked out the offers yet? Only 5 more days to go – avail while the offers last.

Ease with body – Access Consciousness!

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Facilitator Licensing – Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 1

Advanced Light Key BluePrint Course (Certified)
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