Ease with body

Ease with body

Have you registered for the free group healing call on Tuesday? What have you got to lose, right? See what others are saying about Joyous Body Protocol that will be performed in the group call by the practitioners:

“I got a throat pain with intensity 8 suddenly and if it was my old self I wld have got high fever and then 3 4 days of antibiotics.. But the new me with powerful JBP, I jst casually drew the kindness and master keys on my left tonsil, right tonsil and mid bone and voila.. within seconds the intensity was 1!!!!! Like nothing happened 5 mins back..Gratitude Nila”

“I do JBP all the time for niggling pains combined with calling universal kindness frequency as I do hands on JBP. I use it on my daughter while putting her to bed, addressing the physical pains of a tired kid and she sleeps in no time.. It also helps my husband get better sleep and calms his mind addressing anxiety.. It works like Magic all the time .”

“Yesterday I was with family and I did the JBP on my dad. . It seemed to give him some energy. He had a mini stroke behind his right eye.When I did JBP on his feet I could feel myself being anchored to the ground it was amazing! When I was doing this on my dad my intuition was guiding me and telling me which order to go in”

To register: https://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/event/joyous-body-free-group-healing-session/

Choosing ease with bodies

What if changing the body does not have to be difficult? What if body is really malleable? What if we are empowered to change your body as you desire? What difference would it make in the world?

I am giving away the following 5 powerful protocols to change the energy of your body at 75% discount:

• Pain relief protocol
• Fluid balance protocol
• Glow and grow protocol
• Intimacy protocol
• Protocol for clearing unhealthy relationships

You will get live class, recording and manual for all these 5 protocols. It could be one of the best opportunities you may have to build your tool kit.

To register:  https://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/shop/kindness/five-life-changing-light-key-protocols-3-calls/

Until we meet somewhere some time, keep rocking!

In appreciation of you,