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Embrace Your Creatorship

Embrace Your Creatorship

How have you been?

How to Create The Universe You Desire?
Are you the master of your Universe? Do you like your universe? What is the universe for you? Do you create your own universe or do you buy into other peoples’ ideas and create it as your life? When you create your own universe, life is filled with ease and joy. How do you do that?

Watch Nila in this YouTube video as she flows you into the art of creating your own universe. Ask, Be and Allow! Can it be that easy? Check for yourself. Link to the video at the end.

If it intrigues you, then check this workshop that deep dives into creation secrets.

Creatorship is fun! Creating is like playing with the Universe. Filled with joy, light and lightness. Once we start owning our creations, we engage with the universe in an intimate manner, such that it responds to all our conscious desires. What grand adventure can this be?

Creating The Universe You Desire

Participants of this call are eligible to attend 12 Techniques to Develop Your Psychic and Mediumship Abilities – Part 2 call happening on the 9th June for free. Please note that no recordings will be provided to the free attendees. Part 1 and Part 2 are independent of each other.

Let’s Relate Powerfully!
How many relationship labels do you use? Do you have a checklist of the ingredients of an ideal relationship? How has that been working for you? What do relationships create for you? Expansion or upsets? Do they allow you to be who you are or demand that you change and adjust and fit into the structures and constructs of a certain relationship?

Would you like to explore a new possibility with relationships? Explore conscious ways of being and connecting with people? Would you allow yourself to be you?

Conscious Relationships bring home the possibility of a powerful way of connecting to yourself and people. What’s better? It is Certified. You can use the tools with your clients and enable them to shift their Universe.

The course has pre requisites. Please get them in place for smooth sailing.

Would you allow Light Beings to contribute?
Would you like to expand your awareness beyond this reality? Would you like to connect with Light Beings from other dimensions? What can they gift you? What are you willing to receive from them? How many universes can this open up for you.

Participants on Awareness Development Calls have received various tools and techniques. They have created healing for loved ones and also Light Key Speciality Classes. What can it open up for you?

A feedback from a participant:

“I did the Journey to receive unique gifts and received 2 triangles as a star, a 6 pointed star- now I Understand its the Merkabah’s cube. Thank you Nila,totally awesome”

Join us in this adventure
Connecting with Light Beings (Kick start your Awareness Development journey)

How to Create The Universe You Desire

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