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Embracing Your Super Power – Certified

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If you had a super power what would that be? What if you really have some super powers that you have not yet acknowledged? We look deep & find your treasures in this fun class. Nila leads the class using her extensive experience with numerous modalities and nudge them towards choosing something greater with her playful style.

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Loads of fun!

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If you are interested in using this for/on your clients, please ensure you are certified.

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💖 Testimonials

Thankyou @Nila this was such a potent class I am so lucky & greatful to have received it 🙏🏻
As if every word was meant for me & undoubtedly meant for each one of us …if you have not attended the class you can still buy it as a product ,it will be worth investing for what you gain is much deeper & higher … Can’t wait to re-hear the class 🙏🏻💖

I am feeling very liberated and empowered, thank you very much Nila. lots of gratitude

awesome class to clear unnecessary baggage and clean

thank you for the awesome class. tons of gratitude to you

💖 What next?

You can buy self-study course from the shop on this website or find a facilitator near you for an in-person class.

Are you ready to break through your limiting beliefs, resentment and blocks? Would you choose this class? What will it take?

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