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Date : Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Time : 7:00pm to 8:30pm WET

Investment: 0

Venue: Espiral – Sala de Actividades junto ao Restaurante, Lisbon, Portugal


Access Consciousness is an energy transformation system that provides simple tools, processes and philosophies to empower people to overcome the limitations they are experiencing in their lives. Developed by Gary Douglas in the 1990s, Access Consciousness empowers you to know what you know and can enable you to:

* Improve all-round health and well-being, and experience quicker recovery from disease and injury;
* Negate the influence of negative people in your life;
* Experience deep relaxation as well as a sense of rejuvenation and energy;
* Face life”s challenges more easily and reap more rewards;
* Overcome the limitations you face in every sphere of your life;
* Improve your work performance and study grades, while gaining mental clarity
* Overcome depression, negative feelings and beliefs
And more.
Access Consciousness can shift the Universe in your favour and release the excess baggage that is holding you back.

Nirmala Raju (Nimi or Nila) has experience and training in a wide range of healing modalities and spiritual mediumship. Using these unique tools, Nimi has helped a large number of people in conflict to overcome the health and emotional issues that blight their lives.


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August 30, 2014