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Awareness Development Circle 5D Intensive

Date: 11th September
Time: 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM BST / 8:30 PM IST
Duration: 60 Mins

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💖 Description:

In these fortnightly calls, Nila will share her awareness on 5D reality and walk through the practices to raise your vibration to prepare for 5D. Light medicine and earth medicine, new healing techniques, will also be explored during these calls to prepare the bodies for 5D reality.

5D is a reality of mastery and oneness. There is no separation or limitation.

“Thanku Nila for d wonderful 5D reality session and the beautiful journey where light and Lightness was witnessed instantly and for the beautiful taster …… too. What more magic can we create together🙏🏼💕💕”

“I have lost words to describe the ADC calls.Today was another great call. So loving and nurturing. So much we received from all the elements of the light keys, the planet, the universe and beyond these….Came back with light and lightness. I truly understand what it means, now. My back pain went away by the healing I received.I’ve stopped wondering how a meditation can contribute so much physically too.Gratitude for teaching us this.Nila.. 🙏😘”

Date & Time: On alternative Fridays
💖 1st Call: 11th September 2020 at 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM BST / 8:30 PM IST (Duration: 60 mins)
💖 2nd Call: 25th September 2020 at 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM BST / 8:30 PM IST (Duration: 60 mins)

💖 Prerequisites:

  • Should have done at least 4 regular live ADCs (or)
  • Purchased and listened to 3 ADC journeys (or)
  • Purchased and listened to at least two 5D ADC calls.

💖 Course Inclusion:

  • Video and audio recording of this class will be provided to the participants.

Feel free to write to us for any further queries on team@infinitehealing.co.uk


Disclaimer: This call is not meant to be a replacement for any professional help you may require.

Terms: The experience of each individual varies and hence the outcome from this call cannot be guaranteed. Please buy only if you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of the practices taught in this call.


September 11, 2020
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM BST
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