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Clearing circle (FREE) – Receiving whispers of awareness from nature and the animals (Special Guest: Sarah-Jane Farrell)

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Clearing circle (FREE) – Receiving whispers of awareness from nature and the animals (Special Guest: Sarah-Jane Farrell)

November 29, 2013

Do you recognize that you are an infinite being and have access to all the information in the entire universe? Are you willing to receive all the awareness you desire? What contribution can the nature and the animals be for you to receive more of life?

Let us talk to Sarah-Jane about this.

Sarah-Jane has been working with bodies and energy medicine for the past 12 years and communicating with animals in nature since she was a child. She continues to facilitate change in bodies and minds privately, specialising in sports performance , chronic disease, “special” kids and animals. She facilitates for spaciousness, consciousness, true awareness and the planet – some are calling her the “Change Agent !”

Join the circle at no cost! Would sharing this event be a contribution to your loved ones?

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November 29, 2013