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Expansive Existence – 2 new practices for practitioners

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Expansive Existence – 2 new practices for practitioners

January 22, 2020 @ 10:00 am

Expansive Existence – 2 new practices for practitioners

(Prerequisite: Light key basic course)

Date : 22nd Jan 2020

Time: 10.00 AM EST / 3.00 PM GMT / 8.30 PM IST
Duration: 60 – 90 Mins

Please click the link below to get the time for your timezone.

💖 Expansion key:

On the new year’s day of 2020, I channelled an expansion key that has been giving me goosebumps every time I look at it. In a few days of practice, I can sense my being and life-expanding in different directions with total ease.

I will be sharing the details and procedure for this practice in this call.

💖 Mastery & Kindness practice:

This process was downloaded recently and words cannot explain my experience which is nothing short of magic. This is after my second day of practice:

I received so much nurturing, kind and caring energy from the planet and my body was engulfed in a flame and the warmth continued for 12 hours. I was yawning a lot and my eyes were watering. I did not want to come out of this space. It was so safe and cozy 🙂 At one point, I thought whether this is how being in the womb will feel like!

3 other practitioners are trialing this process – they are on a different level of master key practice. Here are some more experiences:

“After the exercise as I sat there, I started to expand and continued until I included all the planets. Felt the stillness and communion with each molecule. No separation”

“Yawning continuously for half an hour till I was sitting with the energy. There is a release of pain in knees and ease in the body. Thank you”

“During the process, my hands were buzzing with energy as the energy flowed into the ground. A few moments later the flow shifted and it turned into gifting and receiving and my body sensed energy. I forgot but I hit my little toes to the bedside yesterday and I recalled it as I felt energy buzzing there (probably healing the area) and also my lower back. And then it was my body receiving the gift of energy from the earth. Thank you for this gift @Nila”


January 22, 2020
10:00 am