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Festival of Light – 11 days of Magic


Date: 13th December to 23rd December 2020
Time: 10:00 AM EST / 3:00 PM BST / 2:00 AM AEDT / 5:00 PM Israel / 8:30 PM India
Duration: 20 – 40 Mins

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💖 Description:

Set up a new year by celebrating the light and lightness that have been made available to us via Light Key system. What a beautiful journey of a year full of love and lightness! Light keys have expanded beyond boundaries through incredible facilitators in many countries. Join us in celebrating this success of light as we bring the most amazing light key tools and practices to share with you all as a gratitude gift!

Join us in this 11 days of Magic with light key tools and practices lead by Nila and Light key facilitators to set up an incredible future.

Each day we will bring you a guided session with light key tools through which you can experience magical possibilities for more ease and lightness in various areas of your life. If you have been wondering what Light Key system is all about, if you would like to learn and experience the magnificence of the simple light key tools and practices, or if you would just like to raise your vibration, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to join. We welcome you all to be part of this celebrations with Light & join us in spreading light and lightness across the world!

Isn’t it high time to shine your light bright?

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13 Dec 2020 Day 1

Meditation with light for more brightness and lightness

💖 Facilitator: Nila

Brighten your world up with this beautiful guided meditation lead by Nila, the founder of Light Key System, to turbocharge your vibrations & live beyond your potential.

“Nila, my mind is reeling with the meditation you took us through.This was the best gift I’ve ever had in my life.How do I thank you enough?Waiting for more magic. You have shown me how magical I am.With gratitude,”
14 Dec 2020 Day 2

JBP Group healing session

💖 Facilitators: Smriti & Shifra

Pamper your body with this beautiful healing session by JBP facilitators and Practitioners. Bring back the joy of your body – It truly deserves.

“Joyous body protocol is a magic created by a magician. Experiencing an amazing shift. Feeling light in my body…energy levels are high, I used to feel tired after my work and after reaching home it was like please give me some space. but now I am feeling so relaxed and calm, spending more time with my kids. I was suffering from knee pain and now u won’t believe there is no pain at all….Hairfall has reduced…
Attentiveness has increased. Listening capacity is improving.
No dental pain. Feeling more compassionate and kind towards me, my body and others as well Tons of gratitude for creating this amazing transformation in my life
Thank you”
15 Dec 2020 Day 3

Dissolve limitation with Light Matrix

💖 Facilitators: Sunali & Antara

Do you feel you are surrounded by tons of limitations keeping you away from enjoying your life to the fullest? This session uses Light Matrix – a powerful element of Light which can dissolve your limitations and set you free.

“I share a magic healing my student told me yesterday,She had a customer who had a severe back pain, so much even the voltrain shot didn’t help…Then my student ask her body what required, And all it ask was the Light matrix command!,Whithin minutes it desipatted the pain….”
16 Dec 2020 Day 4

Light Medicine Experience

💖 Facilitators: Talia & Saida

Light Medicine is a beautiful series of very potent Light key process. This session will take you through a powerful Body Reset protocol to cleanse your body from impurities and bring it back to its natural state of lightness.

“My friend was having back pain since last 2 yrs after her C-section and pain reached to arms, I did body reset last night and here is her feedback in morning “Feeling better coz my arm was paining like hell…even I was literally started crying. but today when I wake up..it was Pretty much better” her back pain is better too. Thankful to Nila for the light medicine course🙏 so simple yet so powerful😇🙏«More»
17 Dec 2020 Day 5

Healing through Kindness

💖 Facilitators: Alona & Elaine

Kindness is a beautiful energy which can transform the most toughest situations of our life. Experience magical healing through kindness key and light key frequency.

“A lady in her 50’s had issue sleeping in her bedroom since a few days. She was getting restless in her room. I asked her to draw 11 kindness keys on each wall of the room and ask the kindness keys to fill up whole of the wall multiplying hundred times.. I also asked her to send in waves of kindness to the room before she enters the room and call in waves of kindness for herself before entering. Also gave her a white light meditation. I got the following message from her this morning: After many days last night I slept peacefully”«More»
18 Dec 2020 Day 6

Clear Pathogens with Light Matrix

💖 Facilitators: Saida & Suguna

Pathogens are harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and virus that can cause infections in body and make it vulnerable to diseases. In this session Light matrix is used to clear the pathogens deeply from different layers of the body. A very beneficial session for the pandemic situation.

“I have been doing Light Matrix ,waves of kindness for a friend who has Covid..she always asks me what do you do..I feel so light and relaxed!!!”
19 Dec 2020 Day 7

Light key protocol to feel better instantly

💖 Facilitators: Tagit & Suguna

Are you going through some unfavourable situations making you feel low? Watch out! Energy flows where the attention goes. This light key protocol will lift you up instantly giving you the strength to create magical changes.

“Thank Nila these protocols are so different I mean beyond anything I known so far and really looking forward to use them for better health 💃💃💃”
20 Dec 2020 Day 8

Spark of kindness

💖 Facilitators: Sunali & Antara

“One Spark can brighten up an entire world” In this guided session we will take you through a beautiful experience to lighten up your entire world with a spark of kindness. Shall we create a wave of kindness on the planet together?

“I have an interesting share. This morning I prepared tea for both of us. Kiran took a sip and exclaimed that the tea was really amazing.
I told her I made it just the same way I did everyday. She again said there is something special in the tea.
I then shared with her that while the tea was brewing, I was drawing the kindness Key on the tea.
The beauty of Kindness Key!!!”
21 Dec 2020 Day 9

Light Matrix to choose light and lightness

💖 Facilitators: Odelia & Tagit

Every choice you make creates our life. Would you like to choose more light and lightness in your life? Join in this powerful session using Light Matrix.
“Loving the change,New body tonned . feeling so much lighter in my body,My shoulders have melted down .my arms tonned and slimmer.Light matrix working wonders like a magic wand .Nila … thank you so much.This journey is amazing gift during the lock down 🙌”
22 Dec 2020 Day 10

Lightlogue experience

💖 Facilitators: Jyoti & Elaine

Lightlogues are divine art forms channeled by Nila – they are a 360 degree portal to have conversation with light. Learn how you can receive more from Lightlogue in this session.
“Nila When I was colouring the lightlogue, I felt like a princess, a ballerina flowing and dancing, that expression of what I truly be was liberating….the softness and beauty emanated from my being. The message I received was that I’m surrounded with love. I can express more through my creative and artistic works. Thank you so much, Nila for the lightlogues. It’s now my creative playground”«More»
23 Dec 2020 Day 11

Light key blessings for prosperity & love

💖 Facilitators: Smriti & Talia

Light key blessings are powerful energy transmission given for a specific purpose. In this sesison you will receive Light key blessings to enhance prosperity and love in your life from a group of Light Key facilitators. What grand magic can this create for you?
How does it feel to wake up to a money transfer notification into your account from thebank…!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳I received this person’s message just after the money blessing call… That he owes me some money , for being my first student, (and I had totally forgotten about this person too)N today I saw the transfer had been initiated.I never quoted any charges to him…As it was a beginning for me too and he seemed willing to learn … Thank you so so so much Nila 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤
Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a replacement for any professional help you may require.
Terms: The experience of each individual varies and hence the outcome from this cannot be guaranteed. Please buy only if you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of the practices taught.
Feel free to write to us for any further queries on team@infinitehealing.co.uk

💖 Pre-requisite:

  • None.

💖 Inclusion:

  • Audio and Video recordings.

You can make INR payment through Google Pay to the number 7411607870

(After making the payment, please inform your name and email id to the same number in Whatsapp or send the information to team@infinitehealing.co.uk)


December 13, 2020 @ 10:00 AM GMT
December 23, 2020 @ 4:00 PM GMT
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