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Body is a wonderful tool to help us evolve in consciousness and any hands-on body work creates communion with ourselves and our body, clearing stuck energy/belief/blockage on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Do you sense that you have bought into many beliefs and Points of View about how life would be & should be? These create positional HEPADs (Handicap, Entropy, Paralysis, Atrophy & descruction) that make you feel powerless to change your limitations.Positional HEPAD…S are a position you took about any subject, and then you start to handicap yourself about what can occur.

For every fixed point of view you take, you have to cut off awareness and these points of view create your reality. Releasing these HEPADs will give you the following benefits:

– Pain relief (mental/physical/emotional)
– Vibrant health
– More awareness into possibilities
– Empowerment to create your life as you desire

What will you receive from this class?

– Learn a body process to release positional HEPADs (Hand-out & Certificate provided)
– Verbal Clearing of positional HEPADs (hand-out provided)



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Release positional HEPADs

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November 11, 2013