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Synchronizing the Body with Earth for Health, Wealth and Happiness


Date: 21st December 2021
Time: 10:00 AM EST / 3:00 PM GMT / 5:00 PM Israel / 8:30 PM India / 2:00 AM AEDT (Next Day)
Duration: 60 Minutes

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❤️ Pre-requisites:

  • None


❤️ Certification Criterion:

  • Pass a descriptive quiz with 60%.

❤️ Course Inclusion:

  • User Manual.
  • Video and Audio Recordings.

❤️ Description:

The rustle of the leaves fall. It decomposes and reunites with the Earth as one. Underneath the Earth, there’s a lifeforce of its own, unknown to many. To many, the soil may seem as dirt but there’s an intricate ecosystem of rest, a process of rejuvenation and renewal. There’s a network of intelligence unseen and unknown to the naked eye. We are Earth, we came from the Earth, and we return to the Earth. It’s the cycle of death and birth, endings and beginnings.

This class will connect you to the intelligence of the Earth.

In this class, Nila will lead the group to connect, receive and contribute to the planet and in turn enhance your human living on Earth – to live in health, wealth and happiness.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a replacement for any professional help you may require.
Terms: The experience of each individual varies and hence the outcome from this course cannot be guaranteed. Please buy only if you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of the practices taught.

❤️ Here are some amazing shares from previous classes:

“Synchronising the body with earth call” was amazing. I felt the vibrations so strong I had to go out for a walk even though it was raining and cold( I normally prefer to stay warm even if there is slightest of chillness). I kept repeating the words love you to all the trees on the path and also stood in the rain, cold mud for couple of minutes bare foot – the feel was amazing. I repeated the light phrase too and had a good sleep! Thanks Nila for this wonderful call.”

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You can purchase the recordings of this call here:

❤️ INR Payment Option:

You can make INR payment through Google Pay to the number 7411607870

(After making the payment, please inform your name and email id to the same number in WhatsApp or send the information to team@infinitehealing.co.uk)


December 21, 2021
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM UTC
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