Exercise to expand your psychic ability

Exercise to expand your psychic ability

How are you?
Thank you for participating in the psychic game.

Interestingly, none of you got it right. 90% of you said it is a ring or piece of jewelry which is very far from the truth 🙂

This is how your mind can deceive you. It will only function from the information it has. In this case, it associated the cute box with the jewelry because that’s what it has seen most of the time.

Being aware is going beyond the boundaries of mind and see things as it is without the filters. For the curious cats, here is the picture of the content of the box…

A very simple exercise to improve your psychic ability

Becoming aware may or may not happen over night. It is opening yourself up to something beyond what you are familiar with. Some people go straight in and some people take baby steps. Either way it is ok. Most of the time it is like building muscles in the body.

So, let’s continue the game. I have now replaced the content of the box.

Let me help you with first baby step:

  1. Take 3-3-3-3 breath 3 times (inhale – hold – exhale – hold for 3 counts)
  2. Bring your awareness to your heart. Breathe through the heart and be with the energy of your heart
  3. Expand this energy beyond your body and beyond the planet
  4. Now look at the box through your heart and tune into the vibration of the object inside the box
  5. Whatever you receive – colour, vision, words, sensations etc. write down without any filter. There lies the clue

Write to me what you get.

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