Expansion beyond imagination!

Expansion beyond imagination!

Hello Friends!!

What an expansive trip I have had in India! I feel so rejuvenated and joyful after the experiences in the country of my birth where I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people, spread awareness about Access Consciousness, conduct Classes, workshops not only in cities but in rural areas, give television interviews; conduct my first global teleclass and much much more.

I would love to share a couple of highlights that were particularly touching. I had never considered working with children with special needs when I started the tour; however I got the opportunity to work with three such children, each with different labels – Autism, ADHD and Down syndrome. I used Access tools to communicate with them and was amazed at their responses.

Bharath, a boy with Down Syndrome (aged about 15) was particularly responsive. I was able to communicate with him thro’ pictures  and he responded to all my questions  the same way with much enthusiasm. His father was amazed at the accuracy of this communication. Bharath chose to attend my bars class with his father the following day. Though he did not follow the bars in the order I was explaining, he was finding the bars on his own, ahead of my explanation, most of the time touching different combinations of the bars and not following any suggested combination in the chart. I corrected him a couple of times but he kept reverting back to his own combination.  Following that, I let him choose from his knowing and asked the little girl, who was receiving bars from him, how the session was. “It was like flying”, she said, in the inimitable style of children. This made me realise the potential magic that can be created with contributions from such amazing beings. I am so grateful to Bharath Srikanth for showing me that he knows more than we assume he knows. Possibly, more than we know.

Another interesting episode was at the Amar Seva Sangam charity in Aykudi, Tamil Nadu. It was the first bars class in a rural area of Tamilnadu. The class was held for the benefit of the staff as well as the residents of a nearby village, many of whom earn a monthly salary much below the class fee. 8 of them from this village choose to raise above the financial limitations and attended the class. Gurusamy, one of the village residents, called me after a few days to tell me that he felt like a different person with rapidly expanding awareness after the class. He offered to talk to anyone who was in a dilemma to take the class and recommend the class sharing his experience.

Here was someone who had not even completed his primary education and yet displayed all the willingness to be a leader. His enthusiasm in the class and willingness to step up and expand consciousness showed what a great contribution he is to our planet. I was so touched by his words that I my eyes welled up as I spoke to him. What more contribution can I be?

The two TV interviews brougt out much awareness about Access Consciousness amongst tamil speaking community that I am still receiving enquiries from Tamils around the world. How did I get so lucky? As I bid farewell to India, I couldn’t help thinking, what I expected was so little, yet what the universe gave me was far beyond my imagination. What else is possible? What other glorious adventures await me? More of this Universe ….  

Wishing you ease, joy and glory,

Nila/Nimi/Nirmala Raju