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Experience Light Medicine!

Experience Light Medicine!

How have you been?

If you could be or do anything you wanted, what would you be and do? What if there were no boundaries of time and space and no limitations in this infinite universe?

If you start functioning as the infinite awareness you are, there is nothing you can’t be and do.

If your mind is asking the usual ‘how’ question, watch this video where Nila shares a simple and powerful tool to expand your universe and tap into the limitless, infinite energy that you truly are!

So go for it! Embrace your true power and live the life you dream.

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Lightness in Your Body
How is your body during these intense times?

Would you like to reset your body, creating an embodiment of Light and Lightness for you and your clients? Then we have great news for you.

Most of you must have heard about the potent Light Medicine courses that our magical Nila brought in to this reality last year. Since then Light Medicine is creating waves and there are so many testimonials saying that it creates wonder for the body and the being! Here is a recent one:

“Light medicine has helped me get my grandfathers creatinine levels from 10 where doctors were wanting to start dialysis on him to now which is 6.8… doctors were surprised and amazed and didn’t knew how his body reacted well and which medicine created magic in him. I thank Nila and Smriti for guiding me”

If you are curious, here is a golden opportunity to join the Basic Light Medicine  class with Nila on 04th September 2021

Light Medicine is a journey of transforming and transmuting the dense energy through Light Key frequencies and processes to start developing the body to be a Vehicle of light on the planet

Course includes learning the following Elements of Light Medicine to purify and reset the body

  • Vortex of Light
  • Vortex of Emerald earth energy
  • Vortex of Blue bubble energy
  • Ascension vortex of kindness
  • Body reset protocol using the above elements

As a certified practitioner, you can use these elements & protocol on your clients to contribute to their body and health – in person or remote. Yes, you don’t have to touch people and hence not limited by the pandemic limitations!

Nila rarely repeats basic courses and so, you may like to take this opportunity to learn the course from her.

Pre requisite is the Vortex of Light attunement. The Vortex of Light helps you shed all that is not yours to enhance your awareness of what things truly are, beyond judgement. Link for the attunement is given on the page.

Discount offer!!

Repeaters can jump in at just 33$ which is a whopping 75 percent off. Basic Light Medicine Facilitators get the course for FREE!

Register here: 

Experience Light Medicine
If you like to experience light medicine before joining the class, you can purchase the recording of a body reset session with 33% discount. In this session, Nila led the Light Medicine facilitators  and practitioners to perform Light medicine healing procedure on a group of participants. Listening to the recording would allow you to experience the same effect.

Feedback from a participant who listened to the recording:
“Many thoughts surfaced. Fell into deep sleep. Would like to listen to it again”
You can use the recording to receive over and over again.

Wellness Meditation with Golden Globe of Kindness
Would you like to experience deep relaxation and pain relief like never before?

Nila offers the most potent and advanced process from Expert Healer Level 1 after getting inspired to use it for meditation for wellness. It instantly raises your vibration and contributes to expanding wellness in your body and universe.

“Nila, I felt as if there was some force trying to pull the lower energetic me out of my body.. I was puckish and i could feel lot of activity in my mid body ie tummy to upper thighs.. and believe me those are the parts that need to heal.. I’m amazed by the intelligence of GGK. It was a heavenly experience”

“I twisted my ankle on last Sunday. The Golden globe of kindness was very strong when it entered the bruised area. I had the feeling that my recovery has been sped up. Thank you.”

YouTube link:

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Expert Healer Level 2 – Certified:
Take your expertise to the next level for healing the body, mind and spirit with this course where Nila will teach advanced level of magical tools to shift and change energy at your choice. This course has pre-requisites. 

Crazy Rich Creations with Advanced Light Matrix Command:

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