Experience the Magic of Kindness

Experience the Magic of Kindness

How have you been? What have you magicians been up to?

Sometime back, Nila had announced a free call for all the graduates of Basic Light Key Frequencies; using light key frequencies for attracting money. She loves gifting people. It was received so well that it transformed into the Light Key Protocol for Attracting Money,

The call became a class and wove magic into the fabric of our practitioners’ lives. The simple trail technique has been used by them on their certificates, resumes, workspaces, mobile phones, laptops, and what not to expand opportunities and possibilities with money. And there is so much more!

If you are a graduate of light key frequencies or aspiring to become one any time soon, and if you would like to play with your relationship with money, harmonize it, engage with it to create a greater life for you, then this course fulfils that ask.

Even better, you can get certified and use the protocol with your clients!

Check out this explosive, simple course that could turn your financial reality over.
Link for the course.

Are willing to experience timelessness?
Have you ever felt that you are short of time? Running out of time? Against it? Have you longed for some time of your life to come back? Felt stuck in any specific timeline?

Would you like to experience a new relationship with time? Or rather timelessness? Would you like to retrieve parts of you that are stuck in various timelines?

Nila is inviting you on a magical meditative journey, Going beyond time with the golden globe of kindness. When Nila first shared the golden globe, the practitioners had magical experiences.

Like all awareness development circles (ADCs), this one too will unlock your magic. A few feedbacks from previous ADCs

“What a great meditation we had. So much nurturing and so many informations. I can’t seem to get enough from these ADC calls. The best thing that happens each month. ❤️🧚🏻‍♀️💕Gratitude 🙏 Nila.”

“Amazing ADC call that was today. Thanks Nila for the experience.  Feel light n much calm after d session.”

“No words to explain the release and lightness with so much ease in mind and body. Have been making really unconscious choices. My third eye is pulsing gently 😊🙏🏻 thanks for removing the veil 🧚‍♀️”

Nila’s ADCs are guided by the energy of the group of participants. They are immensely contributive in ways beyond imagination. Hop on, now!

An invitation from Smriti to release COVID stress
“Send me healing. I am covid positive!

Send my loved one healing. They are covid positive!”

I am getting numerous such messages. As a Facilitator of Light Keys Healing system, I have been using the tools I teach to contribute to many clients, friends, acquaintances, and loved ones during these times.

I am happy to empower you too if you would like to use some of the tools to create ease with covid infection and with the stress that you may be experiencing seeing someone suffer.

Join me on zoom for this gifted call on Sunday 2nd May. 5-6.30 pm

Meeting ID: 822 7675 1314
Passcode: 889207

Your time in the world:
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If you have any questions, please connect with Naina on 9820483159 

Use people’s judgments to your advantage
What do you do when people accuse you or backstab you?  Is there an elegant way to respond than to react? What if you use this to your advantage? Curious to know more? Watch this eye-opening short and profound facilitation by Nila to Smriti – get facilitated yourself!

Getting over the past finally
If you would like to create from a space of empowerment, from possibility rather than relive your past, break past patterns, get over the resentments and hurt you have been harboring then this is a gift to yourself.
Upcoming Classes:

Tuning into Christ’s Healing Energy – Certified

Advanced Light Key Protocol for Going Beyond Black Magic & Curses – Certified

Training for Facilitator of Joyous Body Protocol – Level 1

Exponentializing Receiving

Breaking the Resonance to Blame, Shame and Guilt
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