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Extend your friendship to other realms!

Extend your friendship to other realms!

How have you been?

Is it possible to transmute negativity and use it to your advantage? Curious? You would enjoy this coaching where Nila facilitates a participant to transmute ‘negativity’ to her advantage. Video link at the end.

Deconstructing illness with Star matrix:

We had an amazing class yesterday. The participants released so much- wonder what doors of possibilities would open up for them now? It is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Few of the many feedbacks:

“Thank you Nila.. for an amazing class.. So Grateful…”

“WOW!! This was the best class till date!! Im very lightheaded and wish to sleep now. Thank you so much Nila… Deep gratitude!!”

“Truly grateful Nila… I loved this classs!” “my shoulder relaxed no stiffness”

“Thank you Nila and all the beings for this wonderful ‘out of this world’ experience, truly grateful!”

“very intense whole body is light the fear of COVID disappeared”

You can still start your journey of de-constructing your illness.

Would you like to hear from horse’s mouth?

As Nila is handing over intermediate course to facilitators,
on popular demand, we have organized for this class on Saturday. The energy of this course has been simply amazing each time – in the last class, Nila channelled new information live during the class. Is it really a wonder – when each new key brings its own magic? | Invite you to this amazing experience –

Connecting with Light Beings

Have you wondered if it is really possible for one to connect to other realms and get extensive awareness to change your life? See this feedback:
“ was super amazing series of awareness, I was in question from long time about some things in my life, after yday’s meditation I got profound awareness on what choice of mine created it while I was in mother’s womb. Its like life s mystery solved, I can’t thank enough Nila”

Are you curious to explore further? Invite you to join this class, as Nila takes you into these beautiful journeys of higher dimensions. You will learn simple exercises to connect with your guides and light beings awaiting to support you in your journey.

Free group coaching call
This month’s free group coaching call is near. Feel free to register your interest.

Upcoming classes:

Training for Facilitators of Intermediate course

Going beyond the greatest of addictions (Part 1)

Joyous Body Protocol Level 1 – Certified Course

Joyous Embodiment

Awareness Development Circle Intensive – Call 1

Transmute negativity to your advantage:


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