Fame, Fortune and Stardom for You

Fame, Fortune and Stardom for You

Brighten up with this beautiful rendition of a mantra for Divine Happiness by Nila. This is inspired by the throat chakra activation that came through during one of the awareness development circles. Visit the YouTube link to listen and read the story in the description box. Video is given at the end.

Vibe Up your life
You have some friendly energies that are awaiting to make you their home. Will you please make some space for them?

Attunements are energy transmissions from a higher realm that are akin to a vibratory reset for your being and the body. When you vibrate higher and lighter, your life expands. Get the attuned to the energies of Well Being, Prosperity and Harmony by Expert Healers Monika, Tamanna and Anupama.
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Receive from the Ascended Masters
Get attuned to the energy of Saint Germain’s Violet Flame to support your spiritual evolution.

Release inner conflicts with transmission form Ascended Master Portia to move away from victimhood and embrace courage.

Maha Shakti is the universal goddess energy that will destroy all evil intentions that are being projected at your body and the planet.

Get all 3 transmissions at a discount of 27$!

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Celebrate You – with Fame, Fortune and Stardom!
If fame, fortune and stardom were spiritual, would you be willing to receive them? What considerations you have about being famous that are keeping you hidden? Is stardom only for the lucky few? Are you entitled to a massive fortune?

Check out the Fame, Fortune and Stardom with Advanced Light Matrix Commands – Call and Workshop to bring up all the unconsciousness around it and show up as the star you are!

The last call of the amazing Health and Body Intensive Call Series is on the 3rd May. You can still opt for it and also buy the series (3 recorded and 1 live call) at a discount. You might not want to miss this where Nila brings up unconsciousness so you can be aware of them and move beyond into choosing your body from a conscious space.

YouTube Link: Mantra for Divine Happiness


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