First step to financial freedom!

First step to financial freedom!

Everyone is asking for financial freedom. Why not? In fact, if every individual chooses a tiny bit more freedom, together we make a big leap.

What is the first step to financial freedom?

Being brutally honest with yourself. You will see why.

What is your answer to the following question:

For what reason are you asking for financial freedom? 

If you are saying that you are asking for it in order help others, dig deeper. Is it really true? Sometimes we really don’t acknowledge our true intentions and live a shallow life.

There is nothing wrong in asking for more money to show off, to gain respect, to lazy around etc… If these are your true intentions and you have judgements about these, then you will never receive what you are asking for because you don’t have noble intentions! Being brutally honest with you is the first step to receive all that you desire.

Join us for TOMORROW releasing the unconsciousness that keeps you stuck in lack and poverty. Ancients, the group of light beings are keen to help us move into a Golden Earth Reality where there is no lack!

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“I had an amazing day out with friends and my hubby I never bothered about paying any bills didn’t even look at menu just paid for everyone I had ease with spending money and time and there was lot of fun laughter and giggles feeling blessed and full of gratitude”

“Thank you Nila … it has been an awesome journey… feeling abundance all around me … in every area of my life … feeling a sense of financial abundance as well as happiness in everything… thank you so much.”

Free yourself & Manifest your desires

Creating and forgiving are both aspects of Self Mastery and Smriti Shivdasani is teaching these 2 amazing classes to help you achieve that.

What if you could learn a straightforward, step-by-step approach to manifesting your aspirations & free yourself?

Conscious Manifestation protocol helps you to go beyond all the conditioning that keep you in limitations and effortlessly create the life you desire with ease and grace.

This protocol breaks through the unconscious beliefs and behaviours and allow you to experience your infinite self! In this space, you will see that you are just being a magnet to all your desires coming into your physical reality

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“This class was profound, with simple learning techniques but immense impact. I have learnt to focus on the significance and power of being Present and the awakened state of consciousness, which goes beyond ego and discursive thinking to manifest the real you.There was so much of hidden self with in that got realised. I had constant tears and felt light at the end of the class.”

“It makes good feeling, ease, it’s like a pray,thank you Nila, it’s a great protocol… very happy, vibrant and expansive. Thanks Nila ,feel as if it is already manifested.”

Forgiveness is a journey that sets you free to embark on a life of freedom and peace!

Golden wings of forgiveness — a protocol to support and handhold you to release the chains that bind and hold you back in misery, hurt, and pain.

Using the power of Kindness, helps you achieve equilibrium in your thoughts and emotions and let go off the pain of the past.

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“Yesterday i gave a session of goldenwings protocol to a women who had issues with her children,It took 3 min. To go dowm from 8 to 2. So greatful to give these magics to the world. Gratitudes Nila ❤️”

“I had a golden wings – forgiven class 2 days ago.One wrote me today -the issue she was practicing on class was 4 and went to zero in no time,It was something between her & husband.”

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