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Flow Joyfully into Abundance

Flow Joyfully into Abundance

Your body your choice!

Have you ever felt you don’t have a control of your body? Your body does not change in spite of humongous effort? How many people are you carrying in your body? Is it a bit too crowded? Have you given up the choices of your body to these people? Curious?
Conscious Body Protocol always receives raving feedback from the participants. here is the share:
Yesterday I did the Conscious Body Protocol with @saidaalikhan.. have to share with you all.. I was having severe pain in my stomach since last two days .. suddenly got sinus severe cold also so went for CT SCAN .. Covid negative but it showed some infection in my appendix.. I shared this with saida.. I told her I might not attain the class as I will have to Visit gastroenterologist, but due to lock down Dr was not available in the evening.. During the class she being so kind covered all the points of stomach ( which were not in manual also, even the Appendix point)🙏🏻 Today morning I visited Dr. he said there is infection in the stomach but nothing major to worry about n go for surgery n it can be cured with medicines, gave course of antibiotics n tablets for 10 days n repeat CT after treatment..I have much less pain then last few days.. feeling so greatful of Universe for giving me the opportunity to embrace the Light key frequencies, protocols , keys , and above all this group to get motivation to practise with ease. I am so thank full to you @Nila IH for creating so many possibilities for us thank you Nila n Saida n team who really cooperates a lot.. HDIGABTT WEIP🙏🏻👼

This class is like a retreat where you can deeply relax and become aware of your choices with respect to your body and reclaim if you choose! The freedom you will experience cannot be explained in words.

If you and your body are excited, feel free to sign up:

Master Your Universe with “Joy” and “Flow” with Life
The Light Keys are powerful symbols that bring a certain energy to your universe. The Intermediate Blueprint Course – V4 is the upgraded version of the current Intermediate Blueprint Course which has the ‘Fame, Life, Love, Prosperity, Health and Expansion’ Keys. This course has a new download by Nila. There are 2 new keys – ‘Joy’ and ‘Flow’. How would it be to invite these energies into your life?

The Basic Blueprint Course is a pre requisite. There are exciting discounts for existing practitioners of the Intermediate Course for a limited period of time. Check them out here:
Light Key Intermediate Blueprint Course For Life and Beyond-V4 (

The recent 11 Day Abundance Challenge brought up some really interesting happenings which the participants shared.

Surprisingly today morning my mom in law showered me love with a diamond ring.. saying it’s been long she has not gifted me anything so yesterday when she went to jeweller for a repair work she bought for me and surprised me…What more magic can we create…Thank you Nila

“Magic. I received electricity payment that was due form my tenant form 2 months hdigsl?weip?

I don’t know if this is an effect of the loop but this morning I got back a little of my odor sense that I had fully lost with Covid. Abundance of Health

Nila has channelled the Light Matrix commands to release lack and move into abundance in ‘Releasing into Abundance with Light Matrix’. The product has 3 powerful recordings.

  • Release the resistance to Money
  • Release poverty consciousness
  • Release money worries

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to attract abundance. They are available at 40% discount till 15th July. 

An Invitation to Breathe Magically
Breath is your personal magical tool that unifies your body with your mind and spirit. Would you like to explore how you can use your breath powerfully to manifest your desires? Expand your consciousness with your breath.

Join Nila in the ‘Manifest Through Breath’ masterclass on the 9th July, where she will share with you magical tools and practices to bring your desires to life with the power of your breath.

The class is open to everyone who can breathe and wishes to breathe magically!

P.S : Even though this event is free to attend, you need to register beforehand to get the zoom link.
Register here:

End Your Affair with Lack!
In the YouTube video, ‘Are You in Love with the Lord of Lack’, Nila gives simple tools to let go of the masks of lack that you use to hide your true potency. If you are truly choosing abundance, the universe responds by bringing abundance to your life. If you are subconsciously resonating with lack, then you might wonder why abundance does not show up in spite of your efforts.

In ‘Letting Go of the Lies of Lack’ Nila led the group to drop all the lack they had been carrying to create light and lightness for them. You can get the workshop here:

Shares from the class:
“Thank you Nila, it was really an awesome class, blaster of lack”

“This was the awesomest class. Yawning eyes watering and laughing till tummy hurts”

Nila is planning to make Light Matrix commands into an audio loop ‘Ending the affair with the Lord of Lack’. It will be a gift to all participants and people who purchase the call. To others, it will be available for a small fee. Not too late to get the call!!

The link to the YouTube video:

Upcoming Events 

Releasing Insecurity and Low Self Esteem with The Advanced Light Matrix Command

Decoding the Messages from the Spirit and Other Realms

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