Forgiveness is freedom!

Forgiveness is freedom!

How have you been?

Are you someone who gets hurt easily? Do you actually want to forgive but believe the hurt is so deep it’s not ‘easy’ to let-go of resentments? What if we tell you it still is a choice to forgive. Difficult to comprehend? We invite you to watch this video in which Nila gently but surely nudges you with her astounding questions to dig deep within you and leads you towards empowerment. Link to the video at the end.

How would it be to go beyond resentments? Read on.

Advanced Light key protocol for Forgiveness (Golden wings of Kindness) 

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” Paul Boose

Ready for a brighter future?😊 Get back your power! Forgiveness gives you back your power!

This advanced forgiveness protocol helps you go beyond resentments and demolishes the structure of resentments! If there is no judgment about anything– whether it’s right or wrong, would we feel hurt? Even the ‘wrong’ intention of others now becomes just their choice! As an infinitely aware being, you can choose to rise above that! Would you like to learn more?

We invite you to this class to release elements that resonates with separation, superiority and commitment to the past. Choose to liberate yourself, let go and grow!

The two courses below are part of Bright New Beginnings package. Purchase any of these courses before 15thJan and avail a one-time discount coupon worth 11$ that can be used in future purchases from our website. Embrace your mastery.

Basic Light Key Blueprint Course for Life and Beyond!

Willing to let go of limiting beliefs and choose prosperity? This course helps you achieve that and more. It’s amazing how a simple key practice, where you do not need to focus or concentrate or meditate, can bring about such amazing shifts in you.

“Hello dears, I finished my master key today. The beautiful changes are coming in the form of possibilities, new openings …more people approaching for counselling, being recommended. Being appreciated. I OWE it light keys. Thanks Nila firstly for channelling and then Sharing” 

If you choose to invite new possibilities in your life, Light Keys are there to enable you. Reserve your space😊

Light Key Frequencies – Transformational Processes for body, life and beyond

Have you ever wished for a magical wand to change things in your life? That’s exactly what this class empowers you with. Tune into certain frequencies of the universe to create a greater shift in your body, life and being.

Practitioners have used this creatively to attract clients, meet targets, get rid of skin issues, physical vitality and more – all with ease.

Choose this amazing class with Light Key facilitators, Saida and Odelia.

January Lightlogues

Lightlogues are a simple, creative, blissful way to connect to the universe and to start your personal conversation with light. Have you started yours?

Forgiveness is freedom!


Upcoming Classes:

Training for Facilitator of Star Glow Facial

Training for Facilitator of Basic Light Key Frequencies

Accelerating awareness – 3 in 1 session

Light key protocol for healing abuse and trauma

Training for Facilitator of Prosperity Activation Program


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