Free gift — Invest in Lightness and Kindness

Free gift — Invest in Lightness and Kindness

What are you choosing?

When we talk about hardships or things that go wrong, struggles, illnesses, we choose them! How does that work for us? What if we invested just a few seconds a day into fun, joy or lightness? Choose to take the first step towards your lightness. Link to this beautiful facilitation is at the end.

Choose to invest in wellness for your body and life!

If you tapped into the inherent wisdom of your body, how would your life be?

“When you withdraw your attention from those things that are not pleasing, and you put your attention upon those things that are pleasing, those pleasing things begin to become more abundant; and those not-pleasing things become more rare.” – Abraham Hicks

When you focus on illness, you create more of it. Every ache, discomfort or imperfection you feed energy to, you ask for more of it. No one asks for illness as a conscious choice, right? We all wish to be healthy! Yet, we have a world struggling with their bodies and lives. Would you like to shift your energetic focus to creating wellness, ease and joy?

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Share from a previous call:

Thank you Nila for today’s class it was a power pack call 🤩.. Blessed to get the Magic 🪄 tools in our lives 💕Gratitude and Grateful

Free Masterclass to Create Your Golden Earth Reality

Group work multiplies benefits of any healing or breath work that you do. It creates light and lightness not just for you, but for the planet! Nila has gifted yet another opportunity for all to create magic multiplied manifolds. Hop on to this FREE Masterclass ‘Kindness Key Breath For a Brighter Planet

You have to register to receive the zoom link for the masterclass. The recording is also available for a small fee. Claim your gift here:

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“profound experience,Energy is running even now, , I can feel even a deeper connection with the master key, now that it has become a part of my breath and body, Thanks Master Key and Thanks so much Nila”

What Gods/ Goddesses are calling out to you? Are they already in you?

Have you stashed away your abilities and your shine in some corner due to unconscious choices? Would you like to resurrect you in the likeness of gods who create this Universe? Register here for ‘Resurrecting the Gods and Goddesses In You

Shares from previous ADCs

Yesterday’s ADC call 2 was simply amazing and totally fun. Highly recommend getting the recording – if you are looking at improving your awareness and receiving riches and all this while having fun. – go for it.

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