Light Key Practitioners around the world are willing to send healing for your well being

Group Healing every Tuesday

Light Key Healing sessions have shaped and transformed many people’s lives into one of joy, ease, abundance and lightness. Would you like to join the community of Light Key Practitioners from around the world in these weekly sessions and experience the magic of the Light Keys?

Healing Session – 1
Time: 02:00 AM EST / 06:00 AM GMT / 09:00 AM Israel / 11:30 AM India / 05:00 PM AEDT
Healing Session – 2
Time: 11:30 AM EST / 03:30 PM GMT / 06:30 PM Israel / 09:00 PM India / 2:30 AM AEDT (Next Day)


You can submit your healing request through the following channels. Certified practitioners will send you healing and inform you. We also have two remote group healing sessions as mentioned. You can just relax and receive at the scheduled time via intention.

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  • Terms & Conditions

    Light Key Healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If the person receiving the healing has a serious health imbalance, please see a doctor or other appropriate professional. By requesting the healing, you and/or the receiver of the healing are agreeing to the following:

    • You and/or the receiver are taking complete responsibility for the outcome of the healing.

    • Neither Nilacharal Ltd nor the Light Key Practitioners performing the healing are legally responsible for any actions that you and/or the receiver takes.

    • Nilacharal Ltd and the Light Key Practitioners performing the healing make no warranties of any kind, express or implied, to the outcome from the healing.
      The outcomes vary from person to person and it is always the choice of the individual.