Free Masterclass with Nila – Kindness Key Breath For a Brighter Planet

Free Masterclass with Nila – Kindness Key Breath For a Brighter Planet

Have you experienced the super power of kindness? Kindness can be the key to resolve difficult situations and melt away all stress. When you be kind, you automatically create wellbeing for yourself and around you. Watch this beautiful facilitation by Nila, where she walks you through becoming kind and magical. This will also give you a glimpse of the kindness key that Nila will use in the upcoming FREE masterclass ‘Kindness Key Breath for a Brighter Planet’. Link to the video ‘Kindness is the key to ease’ is at the end.

Free Masterclass to breathe in kindness!

Take a moment and check your breath! Do you breathe deeply or shallow? Stressful situations can cause you to take short, shallow breaths. And a deep breath can instantly calm you down. Such is the magic of our breath. When breath is combined with powerful high vibrational kindness key, it can cause you to relax deeply, quieten your mind, resolve conflicts and open you up to receive and be kindness. Join Nila in this free guided meditation to experience this love from within yourself. You have to register to receive the zoom link for the masterclass. In case, you can’t make it live or would love to keep this with you as your companion, the recording is also available for a small fee. Claim your gift here:

Shares from previous breath calls:

“honestly I feel fully relaxed. I forgot all about what I want. thanks Nila”

“So beautiful thank u Nila it was so serene ……. didn’t want to come back 😍”

Is your focus on Wellness or Illness?

When Nila asked this question, it pretty much ruffled peoples’ leaves. So many of us responded that they aren’t 100 percent focused on wellness! In fact, many of us were completely focusing on illness. Every minor ache or imbalance you tune into and give attention to, ultimately creates more of it, according to the universal law. Join this beautiful class where Nila will teach you simple, effective techniques to tune into wellness energetically. Register for ‘12 Techniques to Sterling Health’ here:

Shares from previous 12 techniques class:

“OhMeGoodness! Such a Powerful class! So many shifts already.I encourage you all to gift yourself this gift and opt for this class.😍😍”

“Thank you Nila for today’s class it was a power pack call 🤩.. Blessed to get the Magic tools in our lives 💕Gratitude and Grateful”

What God or Goddess energy do you carry?

We are all created in the image and likeness of God. As a child, we were connected to the source. But as we grew up, we forgot we are Gods too. Gods/Goddesses are forms of energy that have been created in the universe and you carry them too. What goddess are you? Are you a Goddess of love, courage, wisdom? Bring up the divinity hidden within you in this beautiful class with Nila to live the grand life you were meant to. Rediscover yourself! Register here for ‘Resurrecting the Gods and Goddesses In You’

Shares from previous ADCs

“it was such a beautiful journey.. thank you, received a big emerald from divine beings”

“very relaxing, soothing! Nice to be ” no form” ! Thank you for the experience.”

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