Freedom beyond time!

Freedom beyond time!

How have you been?

Are you enjoying the present moment or are you overwhelmed with too many things to do and too little time? Like to explore the possibility of going beyond the illusion of time? Watch and relax into Access consciousness clearing video given at the end.

Going beyond the greatest of addictions

‘Seeking positive feedback’ – how can this be a bad thing? Wouldn’t it give us more happiness when others approve us. It might – until you realise you are doing more of what others approve than what you actually enjoy. Some of us live our whole lives pleasing others – parents, teachers, employers, partners, children, friends and sometimes even strangers, in social media. We lose ourselves in the process and forget who we really are or what we really like to do. If we lose ourselves, we are not creating our lives any more. Life happens to us and we go into the victimhood. Sounds familiar?

Would you like to move out of this tangle and start living your life? Experiencing your own joy?

All of this struggle could ease out with one decision – just only one!
We invite you to join this call today to find out what it is and gain more clarity,focus, improved self-esteem and restored physical energy.

Kindness all around

Light Key practitioners create magic with keys and frequencies and are very creative in using them. Inbal Franco, from Israel, has taken it to the next level by creating mandalas with the keys. It’s so awesomely inspiring – we couldn’t resist sharing and spreading the joy!

You can experience the keys and their magic too.

Another feedback from University head:
“We had a target number of students to be enrolled. Till yesterday morning we had 75%only. Yesterday Morning I evoked Golden Earth Frequency and assigned the task that the target to be completed and you can’t believe by mid day the target was achieved … we had an agent requesting for future class.”

JBP -Level 1

Couple of amazing feedbacks from JBP practitioners

“when <a patient> posted her picture of gum infection to me I had only 2 options either put her on antibiotc or do jbp as she could not come due to present situation. i preferred jbp and yes Nila it worked.”

“I had back pain for 10 years. I tried yoga & physiotherapy and it reduced a bit but did not have permanent relief. With JBP it is almost gone. I have stopped yoga now.”

If you are ready for more, JBP Level-1, the class is around the corner.
Nila has received more insights to exponentialize the effectiveness of JBP and will be covering the following in this class:
1. JBP to boost immunity
2. First aid JBP
3. JBP enhanced with frequencies & vortices
4. Bringing in the contribution from the divine and earth with JBP
5. Exponentializing JBP with Vortex of light
6. Using Lightlogues to enhance JBP

Lightlogues for October

Lightlogue roughly translates to ‘conversation with light’- a new term born out of the Light key healing system. Lightlogues are divine art forms infused with Light Keys, Light Key frequencies and colour frequencies. They are an invitation from the universe for us to open and receive

When you choose this product, you will receive one lightlogue / week covering the below themes this month
• Letting go of past
• Receiving from Gold
• Healing health anxiety
• Releasing shame

Nila will be sharing the lightlogues with you in black and white so that you can participate in the dialogue with light by colouring them.

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Awareness Development Circle Intensive – Call 1

Star Glow Facial with elements of Light – Certified Course

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