Freedom like never before!

Freedom like never before!

This is Nila here, writing to you after a long time.

How have you been? Are you cruising through the life or does it seem dense?

It has been a bit dense for me recently – I am aware that all the reasons like the loss  of my mother, covid etc are just an excuse. Choice is always ours whether we tap into lightness or shackle ourselves with heaviness.

I have been working on myself quite a lot and I have witnessed a deeper layer of unconsciousness unravelling and leaving. All the revelation I have had is helping me raising the vibration again.

I have also received many private messages from people asking for help as things  were not shifting easily. Apart from the free sessions I have offered over the past few weeks, I decided to put together a workshop series to let go of the chains and anchors we have put on ourselves.

Sometimes we don’t even recognize that we are being slaves – how many us are working hard to pay back mortgage, how many of us are gritting our teeth and taking abuse from people, how many of us abuse our body to look “good”? Are these not forms of slavery? Everything we own actually owns us. In this workshop series, let’s work together and let go of the intensity, density, slavery and move into the unconditional freedom that’s available for us.

I am offering this call at 1/3rd of the price for a limited period. 3 calls cost just 33$. If you are truly ready to have freedom in all the areas of your life, please jump in:

Attunements at a discount!

Attunements are powerful energy transmissions to raise the vibration. These energy transmissions can be directed towards certain areas of your life to create a quick shift. So, I am offering a great discount too for attunements to help you soar high!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Honestly, i felt generational poverty curse demon thats been following me for thousands of lifetimes back off and leave. Im shocked. God Bless You forever. May God and universe always give you all of your desires! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ till next time! ❤️🙏

Manifest money magically!

Did you know that the 6 in 1 EFT package has got even better? Along with the 6  super potent EFT routines, you also get the recording of ‘EFT for ever increasing money flow’ & a 11$ gift coupon to use on other special packages. All these are for 48$

“Heard the first video from this package…….its amazing how Nila scripts the emotions that we may not even recognise we have.I have been doing EFT since past 10 yrs…… I have found the practice also helps me integrate shadow parts of me.

Looking fwd to listen and practice the other videos”. Thankyou Nila 🥰🙏

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