Freedom or Suffering?

Freedom or Suffering?

Hope you are loving and living life well!

Freedom is a choice away!

Recently I was working with a single mother who was so longing for love. When I asked her if she had love, her response was a big No. I asked her again if she is able to love her son, her response was a big Yes. If you don’t have love within you, can you love anyone at all?

The root cause of all our problems is that we look for something outside totally ignoring the fact that everything is within us.  If you don’t believe it, check where you end (not your body) and universe begins! If you sincerely give it a try, you will find that you are as big as the universe! Everything you desire – whether it is a fancy car or a prince charming, is well within you! You got to just choose!

When people told me ‘Just choose’ I got so frustrated in the beginning because I didn’t know what it really meant! Let me make it very simple for you – if you can embrace the energy of having what you desire without any resistance such as doubt, skepticism etc, then you are choosing it! It’s that simple!

Right, but why is it so difficult some times to simply choose? The reason could be you might be living through implants, imprints and foreign elements – the limitations you inherited & absorbed from unconscious sources that make it hard for you to have clarity and freedom to choose.

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Freedom is just a choice away!

Suffering is not a badge of honour!

Expert Healer Sunali inspires me with her willingness. If LKWS opens a small window for new possibilities, she will fly through it and soar. Recently we had a 20 min body morphosis session after which she soared even higher. I am sharing her note here with her permission.

“So I have committed to live life. Enough of fears, struggle, depressions. I have had biggest revelation of all this past experiences that All these emotions, lower vibrations, sickness is all about creating death on daily basis than dying once. Whole focus has been to die each day and invite death of body faster. All the patterns are telling us this is how our parents, ansestors created their life based on whatever knowledge they had . Time has changed, today is different and we have choice to go on the same path or create new one. Both is ok. This life experience is just tiny part of our soul journey thru multiple timelines and lifetimes on planet earth so if we miss out any doesn’t mean we never had it. If we focus on living life each day without fearing , life can be series of joyful events. So I am commiting to live to make best out of remaining days. Note: No one is going to remember you based how well you suffered in your life. They will remember good times and bad times spent with you so what experience would you choose for yourself you decide. All is ok it’s your life not to be understood analysed by anyone else”

Did this make you feel lighter as well? See how beautifully she used her awareness to facilitate more lightness! I am so grateful for the practitioners such as Sunali who inspire me to keep going!

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