Fresh beginnings

Fresh beginnings

How has your day been say far?

Your space has a greater impact on your lives than you would like to imagine. Have you seen friends, colleagues who have been trying hard to sell or rent a property but in vain. Most time the space would just have to be cleared of the stagnant energies and the things just flow! And what if you can imbibe the property with high vibrational frequencies – wouldn’t the flow be just magical?

Advanced Light Key Protocol for Space Clearing helps you create that space. In this class, you will learn how to clear the densities and attachments using Light keys and frequencies and raise the vibration of the space with light and lightness. There are quite a few shares on the benefits and one such share is in the lines of “my house which was not rented for more than 6 months was rented out after one session of Space clearing!”

There is a bonus this time. Wondered if  you had a chance to read Nila’s post related to this class, happening tomorrow. If you had missed it, here it is for you:

“Interestingly, so much more info came through for the Rapid Space Uplift protocol which is an add on class to the upcoming space clearing class.

Energizing specific objects with Vortex of Light & placing them in specific areas of the house is an important addition! Seems pretty powerful.

Hope to see some of you on Wednesday! Cheers! – Nila

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Have you wondered what is your money story? Each of us have one – started forming from your early childhood, probably. You can listen to yourself as you narrate experiences from your life describing your travel with money.

How many people are villains in the story or is it you, the main culprit? When you carry resentments, shame or guilt, you would always sabotage yourself. How about letting the packages go now and be free financially and otherwise?

Invite you to join Nila for this transformative workshop – Financial Freedom with Forgiveness

Group work exponentializes the benefits. Shares from previous participants:

“Thank you Nila … it has been awesome … feeling abundance all around me … in every area of my life … feeling a sense of financial abundance as well as happiness in everything… thank you so much.”

“It made me feel that I have more than enough,an abundance of money, happiness and peace.The mere thought of wealth made my energy shift to work more and sincerely.Thanks all for inspiring me.”

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