Get an energy boost with Red Angel !

Get an energy boost with Red Angel !

How have you been?

Are you ready for some magic? Nila says magic is really simple however we complicate it. Difficult to comprehend? We invite you to experience the Red angel energy and see how easy it is to embrace lightness. A Light key practitioner shared

“I’m in my 4th month, and past two days I called Red Angel Energy and feel so thoroughly energetic all day. I don’t even sleep in the noon that I used to.”

Would you like to have that too? Link to the video is at the end. Watch, experience and be magical!

How about some more magic?

Light Key Frequencies – Transformational Processes for body, life and beyond (Certified)
Light Key frequencies are absolutely magical. Practitioners have used this to blast limitations, attract more clients, get rid of pains and much more. If you are an aspiring healer wondering where to start or if you are an experienced healer looking to add tools to create more ease and efficiency into your sessions, this class is for you.

“Since Sunday midnight suddenly I was having lots of heaviness in my head and it continued ..,that was the time we connected – the Magic u created through Light Key Frequencies .. was amazing The weight of heaviness just whoosh vanished in few seconds .Thank you for guiding me and always be there to guide us. GRATITUDE.”

“Hi Nila Madam immense gratitude…Could mobilise a channel of revenue by using the Golden Earth Frequency and Rainbow Ray frequency..”

An entry level class with no pre-requisites  – an opportunity to learn it from Nila herself! Choose to tune into the magical frequencies of the universe to create a great shift in your body, life and being!

Now, how about spreading the magic?

Light Key expert healer (Certfied)!
Looking for a course which would help you make magic a daily part of your life?  Would you like to create more prosperity, more harmony with your relationships or just would like to create ease with all that you do? If you answered yes to any of the questions, this course is for you. As an additional bonus – you get to use it for your clients too. Get paid for spreading the magic!

Choose and uncover the magic you be!

An opportunity to learn these powerful processes from the founder of Light Key healing system, Nila, herself – this might be her last class on this course as she is handing this over to facilitators.

February offers
If you ever wanted to experience a lightlogue, your unique conversation with light, but was on the fence – now is your chance. Lightlogues for prosperity, relationship and health are on offer.
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Get an energy boost with Red Angel !


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Facilitator Licensing – Advanced Light Key Protocol for Going Beyond Black Magic & Curses

De-constructing Illnesses with Star Matrix


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