Get Kindness Medicine Infusion

Get Kindness Medicine Infusion

We are celebrating and you are invited! Join us for the celebrations this April and give your life a kind makeover. Subscribe to our channel ‘Nila Mystic TV’ on YouTube and click on the Bell icon to get reminders. Go here to know more:

Get set to soak in this Kindness Therapy with Nila and the expert healers.

Get Energy Upgrades this April

Get a whiff of angelic, goddess energies with April Transmissions with Nila.

Soak in the magic of the Universe LIVE with Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Metatron and Goddess Quan Yin transmissions.

4th April – Receive from Arch Angel Michael to embrace your own power and authority.

5th April – Embrace you spiritual energies with Arch Angel Metatron to move into a space of choice and spiritual empowerment.

6th April – The compassion of Goddess Quan Lin will enable you to sail through anything with peace and calm.

Buy all 3 transmissions at a discounted price:

Here are a few shares from previous transmissions:
“Just a share yesterday my husband was having fever yet I told him about the JBP session he sat and was snoring on and off after the session got over he was in no mood to sit back but something told me that he should be there for the Mahalakshmi Transmission as he has lot of stuck money issues and this afternoon all of a sudden one payment which has been pending for three yrs got settled without any reminders. Thank you Nila Maam for the Mahalakshmi Transmission it was just Awesome 🙏🌟✨. Also Gratitude to Suguna and team for the lovely JBP session 🙏.”

“I hear the Buddha healing every day, and my body is much healthier, lighter, and things are changing”

“Thank you Nila for the MMT energy transmission. It wa very powerful and we are lucky to receive it. 🙏💕”

Beat the exam stress!
Exam seasons are stressful for Parents and Kids alike.

How about transforming them to peace and calm? Join Nila for a gifted facilitation ‘Ease With Exams – Free Flow Call for Kids’ to begin to change the anxiety and overwhelm to peace and calm. It is open to all age groups.

Adults can use the tools and apply them for meetings, presentations and performances. We hope to see you LIVE!

Create the life you always wanted

Join Nila for the 4th call of the creation call series to blast off all glass ceilings of limitations and invite more of what you desire into your life.

Here are a few shares from previous calls:
“What a Call!!!
A laser shot to blast off limitations…..I was yawning all through the call. @⁨Nila I commit to doing the exercises everyday till call 2. Thankyou so much ”

“magic of creation call…hubbyy and son pushed me to buy new laptop. I am in shop” 

Do check out the discounted price when you buy all 4 calls together. And also, the Business Magic upgrade.


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