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Get pampered by elements of light

Get pampered by elements of light

How are you doing?

Are you living your life or solving problems one after another? Would you like to choose more fun now? You can pivot things by asking simple questions and create space for inviting more possibilities. Hear more from the recent video – link at the end.

An experience you don’t want to miss!

Light Medicine is creating waves! Find below few of the many testimonials.

“My friend was having back pain since last 2 yrs after her C-section and pain reached to arms, I did body reset last night and here is her feedback in morning was “Feeling better coz my arm was paining like hell… I literally started crying. But today when I wake was pretty much better”. Her back pain is better too. Thankful to Nila for the light medicine course, so simple yet so powerful, excited for tomorrow’s class.”

“My periods got delayed .Listening to lms2 session feedback from a participant reg her periods , I downloaded the audio of lms1 session last light and played on loop, and today I got it.. thanks to the Magic Lady.”

“I had the opportunity to receive Body Reset Protocol. Felt so much at ease and lots of release. You are a great contribution.So much awareness!”

“This class is really awesome. Many things are opening up for me with respect to my body. more aware with my own and other people’s body as well.. feeling light, fitting into previous clothes with ease…Health reset protocol is waving it’s magic. Thank you Nila di.”

Light Medicine does wonders… if you have missed it, time to get it now, perhaps 🙂

If you would like to experience it before you purchase, what better opportunity than now. Light Medicine experience is scheduled for coming Wednesday(26th Aug).

In this experiential session, Nila will lead the Light Medicine facilitators and practitioners to invoke the Light Key frequencies on the recipient’s body to release acquired impurities and reset itself to a state of purity, the being and body desires.

Is your beauty routine disrupted?

What if you can get elements of light to pamper you with a facial with no external touch or chemicals? Star glow facial works in physical and energetic level and gets your light shines through.

Start Glow facial class on 27th August is already becoming one of the most sought-after class. You can get a facial from the light elements – no chemical… no external touch… just some magical light key processes from the grand old universe! How cool is that?

Did you know receiving Light medicine is recommended (not mandatory though!) for Star glow facial.

Upcoming classes:

Conscious Embodiment Protocol

Awareness Development Circle 5D Intensive

Prosperity Through Babyness

Free coaching call:
The popular Free group coaching call is coming Tuesday. If you haven’t already register, now might be a good time.

Link to the video:

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We cordially invite you to join our ‘Light key mastery’ public group with Nila/Nimi.



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