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This is Nila writing to you this time. The past week has been so exciting, I wanted to share it with you. I have a surprise for you up my sleeve.

Truth, are you willing to get prosperous?

Yes? Then jump right in for the 11 Day Prosperity Challenge Live on YouTube. Join me for the Light Matrix command videos that will be livestreamed to blast off any stuck energies that keep you from creating the prosperity you desire. Please note, the videos won’t be uploaded so be sure to catch them LIVE.

Go here right away to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel ‘Nila Mystic TV’ and click on the Bell icon to get notified when the video goes live. It is at 9AM EST/ 6.30 pm IST for 11 days.

Join in every day. Commit to yourself, to your creations and get the ball rolling!

As you might know, I am leading a series of 4 Creation Calls. We did the 1st call and here is what showed up for me

Day 1: received thrice the money I was expecting from an investment. Had the experience of the infiniteness and received brain upgrade from ancients.

Day 2: My reels started performing unusually well. Received  many enquiries about jbp. Received a sign from arch angel Michael to announce transmission.

Day 3: Two reels reached milestones and 1 reached the highest play.

I would love to invite you to join in this creative adventure. What magic can you create for you I wonder!

Get the calls here:

Please note that the first call is available as a recording. When you buy all 4 calls, you get them at a discounted price. Go here to buy them. Also, do check out the Creation call and Business Magic Package – You can get both for 99$ only. I grew my business 17 times over in 18 months. It is a joy for me to roll out all the tools I used to get here. You will find many business creation facilitations on my website. Business Magic is my latest offering to you.

The Expert Healers in the house are getting together to Brighten Your Universe.

Expert Healer is magical journey towards mastery of the self. Expert Healers have swam the tide to show up and create magic for you. These are potent processes that literally open up a new world for you. 3 Expert Healers Suguna, Tamanna and Hemlata are getting together for 3 sessions

  • Mini Star Glow Facial
  • Anti Aging JBP
  • Possibilities Attunement

That’s like saying, you have a choice here to add more years to your life energetically, begin to wear your shine and open up the door of possibilities for you, should you choose to. Group energies are far more potent, so jump in and receive this blast of energy!

This week, I am doing ‘Connect to the Spirit World –  Awareness Development Circle’ Call after a long hiatus. Practitioners have been demanding and I am happy to oblige. This ADC will be a journey to connect to the Spirit World.

I would like you to perceive, who might be waiting for you to connect with them? Loved ones who have passed over, spirit guides who are eager to work with you to create a rich life, Beings of light, Angels?

I will walk you through exercises to connect with the spirit world. You can also listen to the recordings thereafter to expand your awareness.

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Are you joining me for this ‘out of the world’ trip?

What more magic can we create together?

In Appreciation of you,