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***Gift*** Call and Attunement – Kindness Medicine

***Gift*** Call and Attunement – Kindness Medicine

Do you think Prosperity means Money? Take a look at this interesting question to bring to your awareness, how you relate to prosperity. Could you have made money and prosperity separate? If you think you have to work hard for money, then you might be giving up enjoying pleasures of life in order to make money. Watch this interesting facilitation by Nila to know more. Link is at the end.

If this perked up your curiosity, you might be interested in the Prosperity Activation Program which will be led by Nila herself! It is a 3 step program which will

  1. Get you in touch with your true desires (not what you have been told or might have thought are your desires)
  2. Remove any blocks you might have to receiving them
  3. Energizing the seeds of your desires.


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Kindness  is free! Can it be a medicine?

On account of World Mental Health Day on the 10th October, Nila is gifting a free ‘Kindness Medicine – 3 in 1 call’. Come home to your own kindness with a Kindness Meditation. Nila will share 3 Techniques to Ease into Wellness and Nila will do a live group kindness attunement with Level 2 Expert Healers for the audience. Will you receive this kindness?

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Please note, you will receive the zoom link for the call if you register, but if you wish to download the recordings, then kindly make sure you have created an account with Infinite Healing.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Grow Your Body and Life!
Would you like to grow your body’s tissues and reduce signs of aging? Would you like your skin to glow in health?

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