Gift Healing Room

Gift Healing Room

We have great news for our newsletter subscribers. We are introducing the Healing Room – a complimentary group healing service by Light Key Expert Healers every Wednesday at 8.30 pm IST/ 10.00 am EST. The zoom details will be shared in the newsletter and in ‘My Schedule’. Do keep a watch out for details in the upcoming newsletters.

❤️Heal with the Sirians

Expert Healers Tamanna, Raina and Deepa are channeling Healing Blue Light Energies from the Sirians. Sirians are an advanced race of beings that are coming through to contribute to your well being. The transmissions are time less. You can receive from the recordings for life and allow your energies to vibrate for optimal well being.

Sirian Blue Light Energy for Holistic Well being with Expert Healers

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“Very light VERY light feeling! yes, that is the awareness gained – not a victum of this planet.There was a lot happening – I had other colors mix in as well – hard to explain – like an unseen veil was pulled away”

“Felt like going to my family. I was very emotional and happy to receive the love n warmth there. I just wanted to stay there. Felt as if I was a little princess who was welcomed by all the beings there. As for my gift they gave me a little miniature zuzu kind of something as if he will be there with me always. I came back via the sea on the east coast of India, There is a weird sense of Joy! Jump on the bed or dance kind of feeling”

“I forgot to mention, one thing, I saw my father, he also visited the planet and was very happy and proud to see me. 😇, and I recieved a white heart shaped pearl, and I actually do own a neck piece like that, so will probably wear that for real 😇, Thank you everyone 😇🙏🏻great experience”

❤️Unleash Your Inner Magnetism

How would it be to learn 10 super simple, amazing techniques you can learn to bring all the people who are looking for your services to you? Magnetic forces are forces of attraction. Turn these inherent attractive forces within you? Who would show up in your world? How many people are you willing to attract?

10 Practices to become a People Magnet

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“Hi Nila … I absolutely loved yesterday’s class … 10 tools to be a people magnet. I am just so simply happy… Thankyou so much for who you be 😘😘”

“Thank you Nila for such a wonderful call yesterday on the 10+ tools to be a People Magnet.Today I used one of the tools to call for the right person that could bring a solution at work and lo and behold….I received the help we asked for Like I mentioned yesterday on the call I am doing more events and videos for my organization, since the crowd puller call. And since the Star Glow facial, I am being noticed and recognized by the Management for various projects. Cant wait to see what magic this class creates. Thank you Nila for introducing thr magic of Light in my life. Lots of love.❤️”

“Took these classes with Suguna 2 weeks ago & loved them ❤they are so grounding & Suguna is so kind & confirming & sincere in her facilitation. It’s beautiful & I have practiced the Lotus Mudra daily since. It is lovely as I always see lovely swirling golden light. Have been sleeping soundly since 😊❤️Would highly recommend ✨💫🌟”

❤️Is the Pain telling you something?

What if Pain was your body’s internal GPS? If you were willing to work with the language of pain, what wisdom would your body unravel to you? Join Suguna to begin to receive from Pain. What if Pain was a possibility you have buried, repressed, repelled and persecuted?

Light Key Protocol for Pain Relief

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“Nila pain relief protocol is awesome u had done with me trail session I realised till now I don’t have that pain it was magic ur all protocols r ease n joy it really have magic I m aware of many things changing in my life. After light key I see my self receiving gifts 🎁 I saw people who come for my reiki circle r getting result Enjoying n having fun Thank u so much”

“My son had severe stomach pain and I just talking to him and asked his the intensity of pain. It was eight den i did pain relief protocol, intensity came down to 5 and den 0. He seen orange colour near his stomach area…after the session I asked him about pain and he said No pain…So magical…during early days, I used to give him medicine for his pain. Today no medicine no pain as well”

“My knee joints were paining for so many days and how! The pain has vanished and they are soooo free.. i feel so light.. the heaviness has gone.. magic magic magic”

An abundant life is filled with abundant blessings. Blessings help you navigate your life with ease. Grace takes you beyond obstacles and difficulties. Nila recently did a transmission ‘Fairy Blessings for Ease and Grace’. Receive from these wonderful beings and allow the challenges in life to contribute to you. Link is given below:

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