Gift of Clearing Loops

Gift of Clearing Loops

How you be today? Thank you for so many email responses appreciating my miracle stories.

//Your dental healing story was so inspiring, I sent it to a few friends who I thought would appreciate it. You really are an inspiration and I am very grateful for your existence! //

//I have missed you, I’m glad you’re back and bringing diamonds of awareness with you.//

//Thank you for sharing- that was so inspiring. It reminds me that I can create magic too. //

I am very touched. Thank you for being in my life.

Miracle Diary

Baby, I am back creating magic with my best buddy, The Almighty Universe (That includes YOU as well) 🙂 I just asked my team to create a bars class on 26th for no apparent reason. This is my first bars class after 6 months! How does it get any better than this? Even before we started promoting, someone asked for the next bars class date and she chose this one! How does it get any better than this? I simply asked the class to find me a venue. Within minutes a friend of mine messaged me that she was more than happy to gift me a venue in Central London! Wow! Isn’t it magical?

If this class can be this potent, What other magic can this class create? Do you know anyone who is experiencing financial/relationship/health issues? What if they could have more ease with bars? Would you like to recommend this class to them? You can also join the class to refresh your bars practice, if you like.

Join me and this magical class on Saturday in King’s cross:

What to do with awareness?

Are you keeping happy? Or are you tuning into the war and tragedy going on in the world and wake up depressed? I won’t be surprised if you said that you wake up feeling heavy like lots of people I know! Have you asked ‘Is this mine?’. Often ‘Return it to the sender’ will give you relief. What if the heaviness is just information your body is giving you about your surrounding? What if you can “perceive” the information instead of “feeling” it? Awareness could be uncomfortable if we start converting every information into feelings and emotions. I’ll write more on this, if you ask me 🙂

In this context it would be appropriate to share an awareness story with you that shocked me recently. As you may be aware, I have been doing mediumship work for a while and receiving awareness before something happens is not very new for me. However, this recent episode made me wonder what else is possible with my awareness. When Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappeared, I had just finished an awareness circle and I decided to tune in and see what I got. I kept receiving the information that it was on the ground somewhere in Russia/Ukraine. I was puzzled and shared it with one person casually and then let it go. When I heard the news of MH17 being shot in the same region after a few months, I was really shocked. I am still wondering what I could have done with that information! Would it have made a difference?

Anyways, instead of using awareness against us what if we can use it to our advantage? What if we can be aware of what/when/how to take inspired actions to create all that we desire? Would you like to develop that muscle? Shall we start another online awareness development circle? If you like to join, please let me know. Let’s set it up.

Clearing loops

I am facilitating 3-4 people almost daily after my work and I am amazed at the difference Access Consciousness clearing can make. I have been in loads of classes recently and been working with other facilitators too. I can sense that the clearings get more and more potent. I like to pay forward all the kindness I received/receiving with you too. I am inspired to do short clearing loops for my newsletter subscribers. You will be receiving mp3 clearing loops that you can play in the background while you are awake or sleep and clear whatever is limiting you. What magic can we create together in the universe? Please feel free to let me know the limitation you like to clear and I’ll choose the topic accordingly. Would any of your friends/family members benefit out of this?

Would you like to recommend them to subscribe to my newsletter? Did you know that they can receive relationship class for free?  

Much gratitude,