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Gift of Holistic well being

Gift of Holistic well being

Like we mentioned last time, Nila has announced free light key blessings from our wonderful facilitators Suguna, Elaine and Jyoti. The first session on Friday was loved and received with lots of gratitude. It is happening every Friday, all of May.

Here is a share

‘Clearly got the effect, lighthearted, lightness, more energy and focus. Added my daughter and mum too. Thank you Thank you Ladies’.

What do you have to do? Just register, sit back and receive. It’s that simple!  This is our gift to create Holistic well being on the planet. Next blessings session is on the 14th May.

Please register here:

Are you ready to reclaim all of you?

What does intimacy mean to you? Does it make you shrink, hide, avoid? Does it make your universe expand? Whom are you intimate with? How intimate are you with yourself?
Join Nila in Advanced Light Key Protocol for Intimacy – Certified that she is facilitating for the first time. It has ruffled up quite a few feathers already. You might be aware that Nila has a light key protocol for intimacy and it has been well-loved and received. Our practitioners have used it to create more meaningful relationships with their partners, and also themselves. They have come of hiding and have been living a life that is an expression of their true self.

A feedback:

‘I finally purchased the intimacy protocol after much logical avoidance which went on for months. All cost calculating and planning finally flew out the window. It has given me a new lease of life! Like a fresh breath. Barriers have gone down. All struggle, difficulty melted away. My awareness is,
Intimacy protocol enables us to choose contributive energies more easily and drop all that doesn’t contribute.’

We wonder what the advanced protocol could create for you and your clients.

Link for the class:

The course has prereqs, kindly check them and have them in place.

 Would you like to drive your life?

How would your life be if you didn’t have anything or anyone to blame, even yourself? If you didn’t feel ashamed of yourself or any aspect of your being? If you didn’t feel guilty?

Join Nila in this workshop  ‘Breaking the resonance to blame, shame and guilt’ to step out of these limiting concepts and feelings. If they didn’t drive you, how would you drive you?

Hop on to the driver’s seat!

Here is the link for your steering wheel :

What if lack is a lie? – Exponentialize your receiving

Join Nila in this YouTube video as she walks you through exploring your sense of receiving, bringing up your filters and moving beyond them using simple, effective exercises.

This one might just open up your bank account inflows! Who knows what powerful beings like you can create if you choose.

The YouTube video here

If the video calls out to you, you might want to consider buying the recording of the workshop that blew away boundaries:


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