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Gift of Wellness

Gift of Wellness

FREE – Wellness Meditation with Golden Globe of Kindness

What if the mystical secret to wellness was available to you, simply at the click of a link?

Join Nila for this FREE Wellness Meditation with Golden Globe of Kindness. These Meditations are charged with the power of the Light Keys to create Wellness from the quantum realms.
Date: 19th August 2021
Time: 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM BST / 6:00 PM Israel / 8:30 PM India / 2:00 AM AEDT (Next Day)
Duration: 40 minutes

Be Whole
What capacities are you not willing to acknowledge that if you were to acknowledge will set you free from all the overwhelm or the anxiety and even the limitations?

Oftentimes we reject our capacities because we don’t want them. We unknowingly make them turn against us. We cut off parts of ourselves away from us. How would that work for us? Watch this beautiful facilitation by Nila. Link is at the end. If this struck a chord with you, you might ask,

What’s My Superpower?
Maybe you thought that superpowers were just for heroes!

Join Nila as she walks you through this class where you shed the veils of unconsciousness to find your superhero self!

Class, did we say? This was a wonderful coaching call which became a precious protocol just because sooo many people asked to teach it. This is CERTIFIED too – you can go create superheroes, if you choose. NO PRE REQs here. Also, this might be the last time Nila teaches this. Going forward, Facilitators will teach this
wonderful class. Join the superhero school here:

Embracing Your Superpower – Certified

“Thank you Nila for today’s call…I had so many control issues n with each exercise I could sense so many release from my body n feeling so much light n lightness… Thank you for your amazing gifts…How did we get so lucky?”

Are you ready for 11 Days of Bliss and Peace at a huge discount?
Check out the latest LOOP by Nila! Embracing Ease, Peace, Bliss and Possibilities with Light Matrix. Light Matrix commands are used to transmute any blockages and densities to create lightness and possibilities. This product has 3 recordings:

  1. Releasing the clutches that prevent Ease, Peace, Bliss and Possibilities
  2. Releasing the polarity that creates Struggle
  3. Choosing Ease, Peace, Bliss and possibilities

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background.


Be eligible to join Embracing Possibilities in 11 Day Challenge group starting 1st September when you purchase this  product.

Hurry! Discount ends soon!

Feedback for the Weight Loss Loop:

“I acknowledgize,that yesterday I had backache, could not walk.Today I listened to Loop of LM around light and lightness,and intensity has gone down from 10 to 2 Thank you.”

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